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Parishioners gather for Camomot’s cause

CEBU, Philippines - More than 100 people from the different parishes of Cebu took part in a symposium organized to inform the people on the life and the sacrifices made by Monsignor Teofilo Camomot, whose beatification and eventual sainthood the Archdiocese of Cebu is pushing.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma was elated over the participation and its significance to the campaign to make Camomot the second Visayan saint.

“Actually, more than 100 persons is a good sign already nga positive ang response ba. Kay kung tan-awon, what we’re after are people who would promote the cause of Camomot,” he said.

The symposium was held at the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish in Capitol Site, Cebu City. It started at 9 a.m. and ended with an 11 a.m. mass Palma celebrated.

Father Mhar Vincent Balili, vice postulator for the diocesan tribunal on Camomot’s beatification, discussed Camomot’s biography, including the process and requirements needed to make a person or candidate become “blessed” and then later on “saint”.

Among those present were three believers who shared their testimonies on how Camomot interceded for them.

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Ranulfo Briones shared how Camomot helped his paralyzed daughter become better; Zenida Paninsoro said she witnessed Camomot levitate and walk on water, while Grace Lao Tapales shared the story of her mother who was diagnosed with multiple tumors.

Camomot was born in Carcar, Cebu on March 3, 1914.  He was ordained in 1941 and became archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro in 1958. On September 27, 1988, he died in a vehicular accident in San Fernando, Cebu at the age of 74.

Palma requested the faithful to pray for Camomot’s beatification and canonization.

“The results of the process will all depend with the Lord, but we must keep our share of the deed. The more people will learn of his holiness, the more people will offer their prayers for his eventual canonization,” he said. —/ RHM (FREEMAN)


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