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72 Movenpick staff in Russia for Apec

CEBU, Philippines - Good service and courtesy shown by the staff of Cebu-based Movenpick Resort and Spa who were sent to Vladivostok in Russia to serve in the 24th Apec Economic Leaders Conference have gained recognition by the participants of the summit.

“I am extremely proud of my team as we have already received compliments, not just from the Russian government representatives but also from participants in this summit, highlighting the high level of service and courtesy extended to the delegations,” said Movenpick Resort and Spa general manager Knuth Keifer.

In June, the official tasked to oversee this year’s Apec summit visited resorts in Mactan Island and was impressed by Movenpick hotel’s good-performing and English-speaking staff.

The 72 Movenpick crew who were assigned as waiters, housekeeping staff, front desk assistants and bellhops will be manning three dormitory buildings that were converted into hotel rooms.

Each crew member is expected to be getting P50,000 net of food and lodging for a one-month contract.

Keifer told The FREEMAN that they are in constant contact with the team who promised to give their best to represent the Philippines in a very positive manner.

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“I believe it is a great opportunity for the Philippines and Cebu, in particular, to take part in this very important summit. We are obviously very proud to have been selected to provide service personnel for this event as it indicates to us that the quality of our brand and the service standards of our employees are well recognized,” said Keifer.

He added that this is an excellent opportunity for his colleagues to gain additional experience and to travel abroad.

 “I would think this experience will assist them to gain more confidence in dealing with different nationalities and situations,” he said.

The Manuel Osmeña-owned Movenpick Resort and Spa, was closed last June for renovation that will be completed in five months.

“As the hotel will re-launch in December this year after a complete transformation, the experience they gained in Russia will also help us to elevate our service levels throughout the hotel when we open with a brand new product. I am looking forward to hear all their stories about their experience in Russia, I am sure this also bonded the team further together, which is always a good thing,” he said. — (FREEMAN)

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