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Get Customized

CEBU, Philippines - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and you better not be late with your Christmas shopping! It is time to get those creative juices brewing on different Christmas gift ideas to give out to your employees, friends and relatives. As early as now, employers make trips to souvenir shops looking for that ideal budget-friendly holiday keepsakes. And the best corporate gifts to give out this Christmas season are customized giveaways!

In your pursuit of functional giveaways for the holidays, consider Tropical Souvenirs International in Lahug, which has a myriad of knickknacks that encompass good buys turned into corporate/wedding giveaways and keepsakes – personalized and or customized! Tropical Souvenirs International director Linda C. Ong has been specializing in customized gifts for six years now and still has lots of ideas on how to perk up an ordinary item, from blah to fab, from bland to personalized. 

Here are ways in which Tropical Souvenirs International turn ordinary items into distinctive customized giveaways:

One is through silk screen printing and computer to flat-bed printing. TSI uses a machine capable of printing, in full color, any design from the computer unto a flat object – glass, shell, leather, paper, crystal, plastic and wood. Silk screen printing, on the other hand is performed on items with round/cylindrical or uneven surface. For corporate giveaways, the usual practice is to print the company logo/name or initials on the item, sometimes with the address, tag line or contact details. This is considered as one of the effective marketing tools.

Another way is through redesigning and enhancing an ordinary item. These do not necessarily mean an overhaul but rather giving an added function to the object or altering a part of the object to make it more appealing and functional. Adding trinkets and different elemental ornaments to prop-up an elegant look is a clever way. Example: A simple compact mirror adorned with shells. One way of enhancing a plain, ordinary item is through simple painting with splashes of colors.

Ong, a well-traveled entrepreneur, gets inspiration from the things she sees during her trips overseas. She admittedly disclosed how her eyes easily ogle on anything pretty, fascinating and out of the box. Her workstation is then her outlet of her discoveries and acquired knowledge over the years. The possibilities of customizing giveaways are endless, Ong said. She advised that companies need to place their orders early, especially for bulk orders. Minimum purchase order is 100 pieces.

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Visit their warehouse at Sabalex Compound, Diamond Street, Lahug for a look at their giveaways. Inside the warehouse, you’ll get to see a room bursting with gift ideas/charming items ideal for Christmas, weddings and other special occasions. From the usual pencil toppers to the extraordinary wine glass decors, from the sticky post-its to memo pads that come in different sizes, home decors and a whole lot more. Name it, they have it. It’s like visiting a vault screaming with treasures! Give them a call at 4122370/2326275. Here’s a run through of what’s in store for the ladies and gents:

For Him

Multipurpose pocket survival tool (can opener, knife, edge, screwdriver, ruler, can opener, 4 position wrench, saw blade, butterfly wrench, direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, lanyard; 3in1 Tools Set (Tools, measuring tape, pen light); Lighters (Boots, grenade and Nescafe); Card holder; Mouse pad and electronic calculator; Digital clock; Money clips

For Her

Purse hangers (folding); Compact mirror; Memo pad with ballpen

For Moms on the Go

One-Trip Grip (locks bags together); Baggler; Wine charms; Pill box; Planners/organizers/notebooks; Aluminum perpetual calendar; Magnet pen+stand+post it; Magnetic decor and bottle opener in 1

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