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Benefits of Walking

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In a research reviewed by Dr. Tyler Wheeler, a sports medicine practitioner and sportsman, it states that we are likely to live longer if we walk at least 8 kilometers a week.  A slow pace of 3.2kph could lower our risk of health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes and heart failure by at least 31%.

It helps our blood circulate better and getting our heart rates up can strengthen it and lowers our blood pressure.  It’s a cardio exercise but we need to pick up the pace a little bit faster and go farther to increase the benefits.

10,000 steps (about 8 kms) a day is an ideal goal.  Experts say to start slow and work our way up, adding 500 steps per week.  There are several downloadable apps and I have StepsApp on my smart phone that tells me how many calories I burned, steps taken and distance covered.  Put into mind that each of us burn calories differently, therefore you could burn more calories than me.

About 300 minutes a week of brisk walking will be needed if we want to shed off some pounds.  It may seem too much but it goes down to only 43 minutes a day.

Brisk walking lessens the risk of breast cancer in women by 30% to 40% according to studies as it lowers the estrogen levels in the bloodstream.  It also lessens the risk of colon cancer in men, so it is advised that at least 30 minutes of brisk walking or other physical activities 5 times a week cuts cancer risk.

A 10-minute walk after each meal benefits Type 2 diabetics like me as it helps the hormone insulin get sugar out of our bloodstreams and into our cells which will be used for energy.   In turn, it lowers our risk of diabetic complications like kidney diseases and nerve issues.

There is a need to move even if we have arthritis.  Joint fluids circulate when we move thus getting oxygen and nutrients to our joints and cartilage, preventing friction.  It strengthens our leg muscles, making them do much of the work, putting less strain on our joints.  A regular walk slims us down, ergo, the lesser we weigh, the happier our joints will be.

Walking is a weight bearing exercise and they’re good for our bones too because it stresses them.  In turn, our bones make more cells and gets to become stronger and sturdier.

We had relocated to a very pedestrian friendly city that a good pair of sneakers is a must.   Doing the longest walkable route to and from work or even just making suroy-suroy helped me in shedding excess poundage which even in my wildest dreams could never have had happened. 

Away from home for more than three years, we badly missed our native cuisine and local delicacies.  On home soil for three months and with all the invites from family and acquaintances, I had packed a merry blend of at least 15 pounds of cholesterol, sweets, carbo and some alcohol. 

Some serious walking will be needed when we get back to reality.

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