Time wasted is time lost forever

LIFE'S ESSENCE - Katherine R. Oyson (The Freeman) - February 5, 2020 - 12:00am

When my eldest son Saldy brought me to Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark last month. I told him that I was very thankful of his kindness and generosity for giving the opportunity the fourth time to spend Christmas and New Year with him and his family, and also a great bonding with my daughter Shanette and her family. My son smiled and said, “Mom, money can be earned and found, but time cannot. Life is ephemeral and doesn’t last forever. It’s an opportunity that we still have the time to have a bonding with you.”

My son’s message reminds me of the saying: “You can touch the water of the river only once because it keeps on flowing. Like time, you cannot stop it from fleeting.”

How many of us have the notion that time is always on our side, hence, we take our loved ones for granted. We thought that they are always around.  A mother once said, “You only miss my presence when you noticed my empty rocking chair. Regret is costly and it torments the soul.”

Fr. Jerry Orbos in his homily at the YouTube said: “We are so busy aquiring materials things, fame, and career that we don’t have time for the Lord. No one comes out alive in this world. All of us  will exit in one’s own time. Our final destination is in the next world with the Lord. When we die, no matter how rich we are, no matter how famous we are, we cannot bring all of these in our grave. In fact, when our coffin is layed on the ground, the pallbearers would not even mention our name. They would just say, ‘Lower the body.’”

Orbos quipped, “Now is the time to spend time with the Lord and be close to Him, not only in our moments of trials and tribulations, but everyday and every moment of our lives. Everything that we have are all given by God and He can take all of these with even just a click of a finger. Don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. Now is the time to spend time with the Lord.”

The success.com website states, “It’s important to analyze how we spend our days, hour by hour, and regularly look for ways to eliminate time-wasting.” It shares ways that successful and productive people do:

• Don’t go through the day without a plan. Write down your priorities and break down those large tasks into more reasonable steps and you’ll see yourself wanting to get them done and crossed off the list.

• Don’t do emotionally draining activities. You have to focus on things that positively fuel your life. Productive peope don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them.

• Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Successful people realize that worrying gets you absolutely nowhere in life especially if you can’t do anything about the situation. So turn your thoughts into action-based activities. Focus on things you can get done.

• Don’t hang out with negative people. You have to surround yourself with best people. Be sure to eliminate toxic energy around you. If you want to soar in life, you need to unload what is weighing you down.

• Don’t dwell on past mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The key to being successful is not making the same mistake twice. Learning and growing from mistakes make you a better person because of them.

• Don’t focus on what other people are doing. It’s great to be inspired by what other successful  people are doing. But when you constantly compare yourself to the next person and its bringing you down, it’s time to shift your mindset.

• Don’t put yourself last in priority.  We all go through times that we don’t get enough sleep or exercise because of our work. But for long-term success and happiness, you must put yourself first on the priority list.

In the same vein, Belinda Munoz of tinybuddha.com website suggests the following ways to use time wisely:

• Do only things that matter.

• End a relationship conversation that isn’t going anywhere.

• Silence all distractions.

• Say No.

• Show up for things that matter.

• Stop doing things that don’t bring joy or results.

• Resist the urge to rush.

• Say yes when you mean it.

• Live in the moment.

• Let go of guilt and enjoy every second.


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