The right time to change Smartphones

Archie Modequillo (The Freeman) - November 20, 2019 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — Today’s smartphone is a technological wonder. It serves so many functions for both personal and business needs such that it’s hard not to become dependent on it to navigate through life. This dependence frequently throws a person off-balance, especially that technology advances so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with new phone systems and devices.

With ‘older’ smartphones, for example, installed applications crash more often, software updates become incompatible with the phone’s system, and it may not even be possible to download new applications. So the question is, how often does one need to upgrade his smartphone?

When a new iPhone is released, millions of people storm Apple retail outlets everywhere to acquire a unit. Most people don’t actually buy new phones frequently. But when a new and supposedly more advanced smartphone is out, they can’t help becoming restless. 

Most smartphone owners want to be up-to-date with their gadget. Generally, people pride themselves on having the newest technology in their possession, and so they upgrade their phones often. But smartphones are pricey, and it can be quite overwhelming to one’s budget to be frequently changing models.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to change one’s phone to a newer model. Certain new and important applications won’t run on older phones. Also, the attractive offers from phone manufacturers and telecommunication companies are at times very hard to resist.

But it is not wise for a person to change smartphones just because he can or there’s a good offer. So when is a change really necessary? The experts at the website www.altitudeintegrations.com shares tips on how to distinguish between one’s smartphone wants and needs:

It’s important to assess what one, as an individual, really needs in a smartphone before investing in a newer one. Even though technology seems to be improving at rapid speed, comparing one smartphone with the model just before it, often there’s not too much improvement. The difference is just in aesthetics – font sizes and styles might change, along with the overall size, color, and features of the phone. The quality of pictures and security features may also get bumped up a notch.

But, the www.altitudeintegrations.com cautions, that mere aesthetics and picture quality and slight improvement in security features aren’t sufficient reasons to lay down good money on a new phone. If one is simply looking for a phone to use for jotting down notes, taking pictures, making phone calls and texting, surfing the internet, and playing a few games, there’s no need to upgrade his smartphone for years.

At a certain point, though, the world will outgrow one’s device, and his smartphone stops being so “smart.” The phone owner won’t be able to perform software updates on it anymore or download new applications. And accessories for the phone, such as fitness armbands or chargers and the like, might now be harder to come by.

Especially if the phone is used for business, as well as for personal reasons, it might be necessary to upgrade to a current model. A new phone would have a more up-to-date operating system and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Now, perhaps a new phone is necessary.

Of course, it’s always a nice idea to have the newest smartphone and latest technology in the palm of one’s hand. But for a device so expensive like a smartphone, one may not have to change phones sooner than every two years.  And if he really has to change his smartphone, he shall recycle his old device – either sell or give it away to someone who may have good use for it.

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