To Wear or Not to Wear Makeup
Audrey Cabahug (The Freeman) - October 15, 2019 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  The thing has since become as essential as the air one breathes. Nobody makes an issue of it anymore whether one wears makeup or not. The general presumption is – of course, one should wear makeup.

While makeup is mainly held as a women thing, the idea has been making its way into the overall population. Many men nowadays wear make too, without coming across as girlish. Now, the fundamental question: Why wear makeup?

The ancient Egyptians – both men and women – wore makeup to denote social standing. The makeup was mostly markings of different colors in the face and body. The markings probably didn’t have any particular value on their own, except that only certain people of certain ranks wore certain markings; in which case, these signified power.

And yet, the assignment of colors to convey certain ideas is an aesthetic decision. Hence, it may be surmised that, right from the very start, makeup is also an artistic expression. It is more so in the present time, where makeup is a vehicle for personal art and beauty.

Today makeup is a career essential. Hardly does a woman employee go to work without it. Wearing makeup has become almost mandatory in a professional environment.

Without doubt, proper makeup positively affects the way a woman is perceived by others in the workplace. Thus, the woman can very well make it part of her strategy for career advancement. Like back in the olden days, makeup can be used to communicate power, in whatever form.

Wearing makeup is seen as the finishing touches in the grooming process, and ranges from light and natural to heavy and dramatic. A woman who reports to work without putting any effort into her appearance from the neck up will be seen as incomplete in her grooming; therefore, raising the question in the minds of others about her thoroughness in completing other aspects of her work.

Okay, the use of makeup for career advancement has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. A Stanford University law professor argues, “The quality of my teaching shouldn’t depend on the color of my lipstick or whether I’ve got mascara on.” True, the quality of anyone’s work doesn’t depend on her appearance; however, many professionals try to find ways to best represent the quality of the work they do.

Wearing makeup also increases people’s perception of a woman’s likeability, her competence and – provided she does not overdo it – even her trustworthiness. There is truth to an advertising claim that cosmetics boost a woman’s attractiveness. And wearing makeup definitely telegraphs the point that the person wearing it has attention to details. 

For the value it gives women, grooming and wearing makeup can be quite simple and only take as little as five minutes to apply. For women who currently do not wear makeup, or for those women who prefer a natural look, Diana Jennings, at, shares easy tips for enhancing their features:

1. Have your brows professionally shaped. The use of brow pencil or shadow will help to fill in faint gaps, give symmetry to your face and frame the eyes.

2. The use of eyeliner and mascara will define the shape of your eyes so they stand out.

3. Appling a little cheek color will give your complexion a healthy glow and give dimension to your cheekbones.

4. Wearing lip color will define the outline and keep your lips from disappearing into your face.

5. If your skin color is uneven or blotchy, a light application of foundation and or powder will help.

The bottom line, Diana Jennings points out, is for the woman’s appearance to be simply appropriate for the time, the place, her role at work and her goals. It would be just as inappropriate for a female firefighter, for example, to rush to the scene of a life-and-death situation with long artificial fingernails, glamour makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. Conversely, it would be unbecoming for a female executive of a Fortune 500 company to deliver an annual report at a stockholders meeting looking as if she just rolled out of bed.

Makeup can hide skin imperfections, especially those on the face. At the same time, it can also be used to highlight good facial features. Those that have grown accustomed to wearing makeup say they feel overexposed without it, as if they are naked.

Nowadays, whether or not to wear makeup is no longer a question. One just goes ahead and puts makeup on.

Monochrome Makeup

Monochrome makeup is a unique beauty trend that involves wearing the same color makeup products on two or more of one’s facial features, including the eyes, lips, and cheeks. It is a trend that adds harmony and whimsy to one’s makeup look and allows her to sport a whole face full of her favorite color or the shade that looks best with her skin and hair and eye color.

But girls should take caution – monochrome makeup can become a clownish catastrophe if applied incorrectly. Thus, one should thoroughly learn how to apply monochrome makeup in order to get the best of this big-time beauty trend without making any mistakes along the way.

1. Go neutral. If intimidated by the challenge of monochromatic makeup and unsure of whether she’d be able to pull off mint green eye makeup and lipstick, one shall start small and go neutral with her monochrome makeup look. Monochrome makeup doesn’t necessarily mean equal bright or crazy colors all over the face. In fact, many celebrities who take advantage of this beauty technique keep their makeup within the subtle color families of beige or pink.

To apply neutral monochrome makeup for a subtle finish, a warm color shall be chosen that complements her skin tone. If she has pale skin, a peachy or coral color will bring out the warm, pinky tones in her skin and leave her with a sun-kissed glow. For beauty lovers with tan skin, brighter pinks will brighten their complexion. Those who have a deep skin tone shall use true bronzes or darker pink-red colors to add some warmth and color to their skin.

2. Or, go bright. While it’s okay to opt for a subtle monochrome makeup look that incorporates a warm, neutral color, bright hues are definitely not out of the question. In fact, many beauty lovers find that a full face of one bright color is a large part of the fun of this beauty scheme.

If choosing a bright color, she shall choose two of her features (lips and eyes, lips and cheeks, or eyes and cheeks) to enhance with her chosen color. The third feature shall be left neutral to avoid disturbing the monochromatic appearance of the makeup while also preventing her look from appearing excessively overwhelming.

3. Use multitasking products. There’s no need to go out and buy brand-new makeup set to create a monochrome look. If she wants to try a bright purple monochromatic makeup look but is woefully out of bright purple lipstick, she can easily manipulate the products she does have in the color she wants to work for her other facial features as well.

She can mix pressed or loose eyeshadow powder with a bit of translucent setting powder to create a beautiful cheek color. That same eyeshadow can be mixed with a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to create a creamy, nourishing lip color. She can also use a makeup sponge or her fingers to blend lipstick into her cheeks for a dramatic, velvety cheek tint.

4. Pair your products. She might want to create a monochromatic makeup look but has no idea where to start. A great place to begin is by digging out all the makeup she already owns and start pairing shades together in color families to create the perfect monochromatic combination of cheek, lip, and eye makeup products.

When it comes to monochrome makeup, the colors to use do not have to be exactly the same shade. However, these should be within one or two shades of one another in order to prevent a mismatched, clashing appearance and ensure that one remains within the monochromatic theme of wearing only one color.

5. Vary your finishes. A great way to spice up a monochrome makeup look is to vary the finishes of the products used on separate facial features. If one wears a liquid matte lipstick, she shall use a shimmery highlighter of the same shade on her cheeks or add some translucent glitter to her eye makeup. Varying the finishes of the makeup she wears in her monochromatic look can help prevent having that clownish look, while still allowing her to maintain a monochrome finish.

She can also vary the intensity of her makeup to create an eye-catching finish and maintain one single focal point for her makeup look. She can apply bright, dramatic lipstick as your focal point, then use a thin layer of sheer eyeshadow in the same shade. Or, she may apply a subtle lip gloss and go for a dramatic eye makeup look of the same color.

Monochrome makeup can seem intimidating, as every beauty tip the girl has ever been told has probably guided her away from being too matchy-matchy with her makeup. However, monochromatic makeup looks can be a fun and versatile way to spice up one’s makeup.  (

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