How to excel in class
(The Freeman) - July 15, 2018 - 12:00am

Students at all grade levels frequently ask

for advice on what they can do to excel in class. As long

as a student is not at the very top of his or her class, there is always room for improvement. Some students do it much better than others, while others are continually struggling.

Consistent class top-notchers have a common secret for excelling in class. The supposed ‘secret’ is actually no secret at all. It is shared at the website Any student who will adopt it is almost surely to improve his or her chances to excel in class.

The ‘secret’ consists of five main points:

1. Go to class early. There’s a saying: “The early bird gets the worm.” The worm in this case is knowledge. You wouldn’t believe how many worms there are crawling around before class starts. Teachers who arrive early tend to pay attention to those students who show up early.

If the teacher is there, this is a perfect opportunity to ask questions in order to (1) clear up any confusion on what you’ve read and (2) show the teacher that you are serious in learning. By doing this you may set the standard for what the teacher believes the students are learning. However, it is important not to abuse this power so you are not seen by the teacher as “that annoying student.” There is also a good chance that your other studious classmates will be there early. You may talk with them occasionally and they may share with you a ‘worm’ or two.

2. Sit at the front. Sitting in front allows you to stay focused and to avoid distractions that may be taking place at the back row of the class. It also may serve as motivation for you to actually show up in class. While sitting in front, you are likely to feel more engaged in the learning experience and begin to be more participative in class. Then, you will also be able to make friends with very intelligent students. And no matter what, you couldn’t afford to feel sleepy in front – it would be such an embarrassment! At the back, you’d tend to people-watch, doodle, and make friends with those who show up late to class. It has been proven that those who sit up front and center do better.

3. Stay after class. Those who frequent the gym know that the best gains come after practice is over. Those gym rats who stay after are able to perfect their newly learned plays and the coach always appreciate their hard work. The same can be applied to the classroom. It’s amazing how much information teachers give out to those who stay a bit after class. Remember, teachers want their students to pass and a select group to do very well. It is very important to develop a strong student-teacher rapport since you never know if you will need the teacher to write your letter of recommendation.

4. Make friends with the top student. As long as you surround yourself with intelligent people and you are confident in yourself, there is a strong likelihood that you will succeed. Study with the best in class, discuss the day’s lessons with them, and gauge your knowledge of the material with them.

5. Take care of yourself. This is essential. Without health, none of the above is possible. Learning can actually be fun if you are doing it with purpose. Be sure to find some time for yourself outside of the classroom. Play, exercise, visit family on a free weekend, eat healthy food, and get your annual health exam. Do not neglect yourself and make sure to avoid potentially harmful stimulants as these can take a toll on your body. Luisa Mondares

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