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Orestes Nuez (The Freeman) - November 22, 2016 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines - Earrings, even though they are mostly associated with women, are gaining a lot of popularity among men as well. If back in the day it was only the fearless male celebrities who would wear them, now the neighborhood guys are wearing them. But, honestly, not all the guys that wear earrings look fairly the same.

Many men who wear earrings don’t know much about the accessory and what to consider when getting a pair. And many don’t know how, when and why they should wear earrings and how they are perceived by others. Local boys who wear earrings are often thought to be on a vice or having bad company.

On the other hand, every once in a while a guy with earrings comes along – and looks great with it. What makes the difference? Of course, some guys carry it much better than others; it’s like hair color, perhaps. But what are the factors to consider in order to ensure that earrings work for and not against the man who wears it?

The wearing of earrings is not simply a fashion statement – it has a lot of significance in certain cultures, like in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Laos. The history of the practice dates back to the olden times that there are even references to it in the Old Testament. It is hard to trace who were the first ones to invent earrings and why.

One thing is sure though, earrings signify a certain social status. Even today, men who wear earrings are viewed as bold or adventurous in character, although it may just be for aesthetic purpose. While most men’s earrings are simple studs or loop earrings, many men today wear other styles as well, including scaffold and snug earrings.

The website states that it’s hard to categorize earrings as casual or formal; although some earrings look more elegant than others. The website adds that, of course, colorful, playful or funky earrings do have a more casual vibe to them than golden, silver or diamond earrings – but this does not mean that golden earrings are proper accessories for a formal suit.

Since earrings are strongly associated with female looks in most cultures today, wearing them with formal men’s attire will only draw attention to them in a distracting way, the website cautions. The website reiterates the principle that accessories should support the outfit and not become the center of it.

Men who want to wear earrings are advised to keep it very simple. Of course, this does not mean that sparkle is not okay, but it should still be simple and as elegant as possible, the website explains.

Earrings are of two major types: pierced and non-pierced earrings. Some men prefer to wear earrings that remain fixed in one place; others opt for earrings that are of the clip-on or stick-on types. The websites points out the clip-on or stick-on earrings allow their wearers to experiment with different styles more easily and to transition from one look to another quite fast, while with pierced earrings the wearer could only work around the fixed location, which can be quite hard.

Also, the style of the earrings should complement the shape of the face. In general, one should avoid the type of earrings that replicates his features. An example that gives is that if one has a round face, he must not go for round earrings. Instead, he must try a pair of square ones, and vice-versa: for a rather square face, another shape than square should be opted.

Another important consideration to bear in mind: Earrings generally work best at parties or as part of your daily look, especially if you are wearing them as a direct cultural reference. The website says that wearing earrings in other environments than these might be distracting.

Now on the question of how many earrings a man should wear, the website says one earring is usually enough, especially if it is something bold and shiny. It adds that two earrings are already a demonstration of style (and, for some, power), while more than three is a cultural statement. Wearing more than two earrings is generally associated with punks and other similar subcultures. So, regardless of whether wearing a suit or not, one should always make sure to check his references.

As to in which ear the earring should be if wearing only one, the website says to simply wear the earring in whichever ear is preferred.

Finally, an equally important consideration with earrings – particularly with pierced earrings – is to have it from a safe source and the piercing done by a professional, in an appropriate environment. The warns that earrings and improperly done piercings can lead to infections and other grave inconveniences. (FREEMAN)

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