Harvesting Smiles

Joseph Uysetuan (The Freeman) - November 16, 2014 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines - There is nothing as pleasant as when we are in the mood of harvesting smiles, say, from the happenings that greet our day, whether they be significant or trivial. The trick is how we can get set to it. Our attitude is the determining factor that keeps us on track in our approach towards it. Missing that, we also pass up the chance to garner the smiles of the moments.

Harvest is a beautiful word. Just the mention of it virtually connotes the nuances of fruitfulness and bounteousness. It defines a moment of the making of our ambitions and functions. It also reflects on the merry sunshine and pleasantries, sweet feelings and emotions that build up our hours. Think of it as to win, to spur, to build, to merit, to elicit, to realize, etc.

One thing that comes into our mind when we see vast stretches of crop fields is the awesomeness of the panoramic view. Next to that, we think of the enormous yield and value when harvest time comes. We share happiness and do thumbs up with the farmers for their successful undertaking. Certainly, we ourselves, too, are harvesting smiles from the hoopla, perchance, albeit unconsciously. We will encounter the same experience of physical harvests when we drop by places like flower plantations, vineyards, orchards, animal farms, poultry, prawn ponds.

This joyous feeling parallels with the harvests that we reap from practically anything that is productive. To cite, when I was on a  US  tour, I passed by the vast flower plantations in  California. I was dazzled by the extensive arrayed segments of flowers in different and uniformed colors – red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, purple, what have you. My American friends were all beaming. Apparently, they were harvesting smiles from my aahs and oohs of the flowers. As for me, I had my harvest of wonderful memories.

We must take into account that harvesting is also a motivating value. The meaning of it is not just confined to material harvest; it is also ascribed to spiritual harvest. This harvest, intangible in nature, stems from our sentiments and awareness as love, joy, inspiration, warmth, bonding, memories and innumerable others. It could be the spin-off or an aftermath from an activity or an effort. It could be the consequence or occurrence from a cause or a circumstance.

Of course, there is relevance between the two, although one is intangible and the other is physical. For instance, every time we heard of these three visible spots, vinery, winery and the wine-and-dine, it certainly yields harvests of smiles. Not only that, but also the harvest of other values and ideals as endeavor, patience, tribute, etc.

Let us round up the three. At the vineries or vineyards, the growers, planters, pickers, vine pruners, grape stompers and others involved in the industry, wear no sour-grape face, so to speak, because the harvest season brings smiles to their faces. Altogether they work, drawing from each other the spirit of union, accord, trust, etc.

Now, the wineries. As we know, these are the places where wines are produced. The wines are stored in big oak barrels, processed and prepared for bottling. Just the sight of the barrels piled up in arrays in the store house will take your breath away, that is, if you think of a shot of wine. What is more delightful is when you enjoy tasting of free drinks there. Your visit will surely reward you with a harvest of wonderful experience.

As for the wine-and-dine, every time you step in such a diner, the ambiance of the place and the welcoming servers already harvests a smile from us. As we take to our seats, we begin to feel the harvesting of love and romance if we are with a date; the warmth of bonding if with family; and the spirit of comradeship if with friends. The glasses of wine in our hands will do the act and magic.

I had my share of harvesting smiles, too. It was an unexpected harvest of inspiration. Recently, I took time to enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffeehouse with my six year old grandson. To keep him at the table, I ordered strawberry shake for him. Then I took out my pad and pen and told him to draw or write anything. Later on, I noticed he was copying some writings on the wall. Oh, it was an ad poster of the cafe. I saw a paragraph of short sentences in large letters starting with these two words, in bold, “Harvesting smiles…”

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