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How many of you have tried the exercises of simply relaxing? There are apps for that right? Calm, relax, yoga, meditation, decluttering the mind and so on and so forth.

Last night, I tried to just sit there with just one minute of quiet. And oh my! It was hard.  When your eyes are open you see all the stuff on your table so you arrange them. Then poof, your minute is gone. So, okay, you repeat, and close your eyes so you don’t get distracted, and …beep/vibrate, your phone grabs your attention, and no matter how you try to ignore the buzz, you can’t help but be disturbed.

So, you put off your phone, lock the door, and put on relaxing music so you don’t get sidetracked by with the noise outside. And off you go…

Now, you might think I succeeded. Did you?

Being silent is the one thing that we have forgotten to do. Taking time to just delete all the cares of the day to center oneself in a totally blank mind. Those who are into yoga may find this easy. But it takes loooooong practice. And some of them even result to meditation, which means, your mind is not blank at all. When we sit in a lotus pose and just try to balance our mind with a consciousness of our breathing and our body, those of us who are untrained may initially find it uncomfortable or too comfortable we fall asleep.

I talked to a friend who has practiced meditation for some time now and my, was I enlightened! Meditation is not emptying the mind. It is focusing and centering on what for that moment is essential.

Minerva Newman, who is an indefatigable writer leads a very active, passionate life.  Mine, as I fondly call her, has always exuded mirth. Being with her is always and engagement and I got to wonder how she in her retired status, has maintained her zest.

“Ï have practiced a balanced use of my time. I believe in the 8-8-8 principle where I get 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of me-time.” She disclosed. I learned that when you use up an excess or less of any of those hours one tends to pick on the other. For instance, if you sleep for six hours and still feel fully rested, you can use the remaining two hours either for work or leisure. However, if you do not feel rested, you really have to use up those full hours.

Being quiet according to Mine is actually starting to communicate. How?  “The key to being silent is to listen. This is also the first rule of communication. When in meditation you are actually doing a monologue to yourself, where you talk with yourself and listen to your body.  You are not emptying your mind. You are balancing.”

In the midst of the intrigues of Harry and Megan, and the up and down trend of COVID statistics, the varying views on the vaccines, and the state of our economy, I guess it would be good advice to find a corner to be still and clear our minds of stress.

“Our entire life is actually meditation. When we focus, we can balance our day that way can manage our time better.” Mine interjected.

I recalled Steven Covey’s habit on time management, and yes, we have to practice first things first. Also coming to mind was the old wise story about placing an elephant in the refrigerator. Yes, we do have to sit back, focus, and declutter. Doing one thing at a time makes us do all things well. Doing all means doing null. So yes friends, we need to empty our minds of distractions and focus. Let this be the way you seize the day!

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