Are noisy brakes safe?
STANDING START - Lord Seno (The Freeman) - October 26, 2020 - 12:00am

As what my good friend from the famous Italian brakes brand, Brembo once told me, “squeaking brakes are really just a matter of physics and totally unavoidable even if your car is taken care of like a baby”. This usually isn’t really a sign that there is something wrong with your brakes.

But continuous, squealing brakes is a different story. It can be a sign your brake pads are wearing out and it needs immediate attention. So what do squealing brakes mean and when should you worry? 

The friction your brakes create are transformed to sound waveswhenthe metal brake disc is sandwiched tightly between two brake pads. When pressure is applied, the rubbing materials in the brakes create sounds. Squeaks are normal, and it usually starts at the initial application of the brake pedal. That doesn’t mean that your brakes are not working well.

But a metal to metal squeal that is continuous and consistent all throughout the brake application is a totally different story. What you should worry about is that long continuous squealing sound that comes from worn out brake pads. 

There are several reasons brakes can squeak that are nothing to worry about. 

* Dirt, Dust, Sand, and other tiny road debris can get into the brakes, causing brake noise.

* Weather, especially wet weather, can cause brakes to squeak.

* Surface rust that will go away after a few applications.

* Hot brakes from Heavy Load/Heavy Use.

* New Brake Pads

* Cheap Brake Pads

* Performance Brake Pads

Built-in Warning Sound

The sound you are hearing when you brake may be a good thing for your safety. Most brake pads have a built-in piece to alert drivers that it’s time to change the brake pads. When the brake pads wear thin, the little piece of metal drags along the metal brake disc, making a continuous high-pitched sound when applied. That sound means you have reached the recommended wear limit and should replace the brake pads.

How do You Fix Squeaking Brakes?

Squeaking brakes are as easy to fix as they are an annoying problem to endure. It should also be an affordable fix. The simplest solution to deal with squeaky brakes is to have it serviced at the scheduled time. If your brakes work extra hard like frequent heavy loads, or steep declines, adjust your servicing schedules to nearer intervals. It also pays to manage your braking habits, downshifting into lower gears when managing a steep incline or practicing safer driving distances to help avoid slamming on the brakes. 

Brembo also offers brake lubricants for those who still don’t want their brakes to squeak and is conveniently available in Lazada. This Lubricant is “brakes-specific” and is solely designed for the braking system. Do not use oil or grease on your brakes.

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