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One of the most difficult decisions a person will make in his life is when he gives up a good paying job in order to become an entrepreneur. And what could be more humiliating than the fool you have become in the eyes of the people around you who speak nothing but disdain and of the misfortune and suffering you’ve created for yourself for believing that one day you will make it.

And just as you thought that you have the approval of the people close to you, but are the very first to close their doors on you for screwing a good career on a business that they think will never fly. All the while you thought they are praying for your success, but all you get are litany of doubts, objections, and all the unwanted reasons they can invent to disparage you or your new endeavor including the “See, I told yous!” when the time comes when you’re struggling to keep your business afloat.

If you happen to be in the same situation now, you are not alone. I have been through hell many times. At one point, I almost believed in what they said and I am relieved I resisted.  When you choose to get out of your comfort zone, first you will have to suffer the terrible discomfort. To be your own boss is not easy but is also the most fulfilling when you got it made.

If you’re thinking that you will be happier to run your own future, and you believe you can pull it off, JUST DO IT. But remember, it is also important that you know what to do. You know you have the chance of success. You are willing to make that sacrifice. And most of all you are willing to absorb all the reproof and insults. 

Emotional preparedness helps you get through all their doubts and unbelief. If your friends do not support you, they are not your real friends. If your relatives or family members do not support you, work like any good father than grieve like an orphan. Don’t get disappointed if no one supports you. At least it is clear to you who are and who are not your emotional resources. In other words, if you cannot get the support from the people you expect, find those who can. And if you still can’t find them, find inspiration from the people who have made it through in the face of overwhelming rejection and failure.

I’ve seen people who have thrived in turbulence and being left out to tread their own solitary journey towards their goals. I had been in the same situation too. And if you happen to be also in it now, you must know how to “play deaf” so you don’t get so affected by what they say. Negativity from the people around you is not only hurting, it also kills your enthusiasm, and eventually, your dreams.  

Remember, you are the author of your success. You are the star of your own story. Don’t let the bad characters — the crabs, the cold and the skeptics create the story for you. They are always out there to steal the show. They want to see you fail because they want to validate their theories about you and how wrong your pursuit was.

If you feel that you want to follow your calling as an entrepreneur start building on it. Read and evaluate your chances. Do not be afraid to take risks. Do not be afraid to quit your job. And do not regret for making such decision. For as long as you are alive, you have all the chances to succeed.

You may not succeed now but you will succeed anyhow. Success does not always mean fruition of what you had started. Success also means rising from failure after failure. If you fail, keep rising. By rising you have already succeeded. Rising is a sign that you have profited from the learnings of failure.

In a way, no one actually fails if you just keep moving towards your goals and dreams. After all, our destiny is not always the achievement of our goals but by how happy we are at what we are doing. Therefore, when you choose to become an entrepreneur, think of it as a sport. You may not win right way but the race will always there and you will run along in the company of like-minded people who believe in the beauty of their own dreams and in the beauty of the race.

Entrepreneurship has its own life. It is in fact life itself. We are designed to become entrepreneurs, not a slave for all time. There is nothing wrong with work, it becomes wrong when we are not happy with it – when we remain as spectators of the race that we are supposed to be joining. 

Get out of your comfort zone. Run for your dreams! 

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