The year for salespeople
TRADE FORUM - Chris Malazarte (The Freeman) - January 8, 2016 - 9:00am

I know a lot of you miss this part of the paper. Again, I must apologize for having been away for some time. Last year was not only quite hectic, I had come to understand that one way or another age will always have a way to catch up with you no matter how hard you try keep yourself fit – well, it’s just the way of the world.

And talk about aging, you just have to accept that your body will one day wear out like an old shoe. But on the other hand, you may feel like an old shoe, but the journey it had taken you has made you the very person you are today – full of learnings, memories, friendships, and wonderful stories to tell. So you might as well “Gracefully surrender the things of youth” says Desiderata.  

But age should not be also a reason to keep you from being productive. My dad, even if he was already 70 years old, he was as excited as the young with what he was doing as a salesman. He was a superstar salesman in many respects for the product he was carrying. His boss loved him for his sense of humor. His customers also loved him for that – he was that sweet-talker who never ran out of stories. He would even sing to them if he had to soften a tough customer. He was a master salesman.

We, siblings, could only wish that we were like him. Nothing compares the way he executes his flair for winning customers. And I’m proud to have been raised by a salesman.

Salespeople are beautiful people.

Their strength of character and direction is shaped by the challenges they face every day. A true man and woman of sales are those whose dictionaries have missing words in them. Words like “rejection”, “objection”, losing, and “fear,” are purposely deleted because they are distractions to their ride towards their goals.

True blue salespeople do not feel bad if a customer does not buy now. She can always come back to that customer another day, a week, a year … it does not matter. To a salesperson, she may not have won that customer to buy, but at least she won a new friend.

This year is a great year for people in the field of selling. If you’re contemplating to change careers, this is your time to make that first move. This new path is going to help you change your life and as to how you are going to make that happen all depends on the way you think and your attitude towards it.

Selling is for those people with strong hearts – people who are willing to go through the roughest and the toughest of things. It is a test of endurance, and of strategy and of positivity.

People who are in this field are remarkably self-driven and passionate about their trade. They cannot be swayed anymore to get paid for a nine-to-five work. That is not what they want – they believe that there’s more to life than just the dreary room filled with papers, and the unending noise of machines and the mutterings of a know-it-all boss. For a salesman or woman, they are their own boss – and that’s the beauty of it.

The selling profession is a very empowering career. No not career. It’s a business on its own – your own business. You have control over your business. You control your pace. And the best of it all, you have the power to create your own success. Selling allows you to dream big – and it does not matter how big those dreams are.

It’s a great year for salesperson especially at this time that the economy is doing better than before. This will be good year for the insurance, consumer goods and automobiles. It is also a very big year for real estate and there will be many millionaires who will be created this year for those who will focus on real estate selling. 

Again if you want to make it big this year as a salesperson, you have to be ready to learn. Selling is not for know-it-all or consultant-speak kind of personalities. It takes a lot of humility to accept the learnings coming from people you least expect. So much has also evolved in the way selling is done at the present – and I am amazed by how ordinary men and women make it to the top with tools like Facebook combined with some tweaked versions of traditional marketing.

If you think that you have been called to chart your own success, shoot me an email with your phone or text me 09470500032 and I will be happy to reserve a seat for you in one of those seminars we conduct for free. 

Happy New Year!

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