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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will be celebrating their 50th year anniversary with their message, “Cherish 50 long years of long struggle for freedom.”

Fifty years since their organization stood up and nothing has progressed as far as their group is concerned. That’s what I can say. They may have been lasting up to this day but I can never forgive all the crimes they have committed. The massacre they committed in 1989 was extremely demonic for me. They beheaded people who were just gathered to praise our Lord and all His bountiful showers. That crime is definitely unacceptable, whether in the eyes of God or in the rule of law.

Digos massacre happened thirteen years after CPP was formed, yet it was not the first time they committed a crime. After five decades, through the New People’s Army (NPA), they are still on the same track. They are still doing the same oppression against the people – countless time have I heard from the news that NPA admitted killing people just the way they want without thinking about the families of their victims.

The most recent big crime connected to them is the Sagay massacre that killed members of their own front organization which is the National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW).  

They say they are existing to provide a better Philippines for the Filipinos. They deceive the people and pretend to be pro-masses, pro-agriculture, pro-human rights, pro-laborers, and peace advocates. Yet they have been doing the opposite of all their statements.

They steal Filipinos’ money through their so-called “revolutionary taxes.”  They burn properties. They kidnap soldiers and CAFGUs. They ambush the police. They assassinate business owners. They destroy the future of students. They murder peasants. And worst, they kill one another in their group for baseless suppositions. Now, can somebody tell me how can these crimes be ever considered humane?

The “Red October” plot, which plan is to oust President Duterte and overthrow the government, was revealed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. But the CPP-NPA denied it. Now how can they prove they do not aim for that when they keep on writing on their placards at rallies to oust Duterte? I even saw an article online with “CPP 50th anniversary goal: ‘Overthrow Duterte regime’” as its headline.

My angst against CPP-NPA is not only fueled up by my personal desire for peace. I have been living for 55 years now and all hear about them is their intent to overthrow the government. It is more of my concern for the entire Filipino nation. I may not live long enough anymore but I hope CPP-NPA existence would end earlier than my life so Filipinos would appreciate how it is to live in peace.

Their 50 years have been full of deceit and propaganda in order to recruit members who will just eventually die because of their imaginary ideals and selfish goals. To CPP-NPA, please stop it all. To the government, never give up. — Prof. Carmelita M. Bunag



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