Rejecting Affection?

MOMMY ON BOARD - Kristalle Marie Garcia-Kekert (The Philippine Star) - July 30, 2012 - 12:00am

Toddlers' moods can change faster than you  can say "mood swing" and there are so many reasons why these little ones do so. Below is a list of more common reasons why toddlers act as such, which for every parent will make an interesting read.

Not having a good day. They're exactly like grown-ups, but ofcourse in a more childish manner. Maybe your little one didn't get to play with a particular toy, eat his favourite food or get enough sleep. There are several reasons, which you have to figure out yourself. Respond by letting your child know that you will be there for him/her if help is needed. Time will eventually get your child over being so upset.

Recovering from a tantrum. Your child's feelings have been hurt and want you to know about it since this is his/her only way of pouring it out. Sometimes, the reason can only be trying to fight off their sleep. Funny enough, it makes a child feel better if a lot of screaming and throwing themselves on the floor is involved. But this has to stop immediately most especially when in public! Take your child outside and give him/her sometime to calm down.

Upset with you but cannot express his/her feelings. You've been away "too long" and your child has missed you so badly that he/she is angry that you went away. Another reason can sometimes be that you've spent more time with the new baby. It could be so many things. Problem is, your child, most especially a very young one cannot tell you what exactly he/she is feeling at that very moment. If you suspect something wrong, talk to your child like an adult and you should eventually make sense of it all.

Change. Early on, it may seem that your child wants to be with you 24/7, but as he/she gets older, it tends to be the opposite. This is called the "independent" phase, the testing period in life. Don't take this seriously, there will still be a lot of cuddly times between you and your child.

It's a Dad or Mom phase. Your child might like you or your spouse/partner better than the other - but this is all so normal. This purely equals to who spends more or lesser time with their child.

Not the touchy-feel type. You have a warm personality but it doesn't mean that you child is exactly the same. Maybe your child seems to be more independent and likes doing things on his/her own. Everyone is different and parents have to accept that. But never ever fail to show your child affection, he might not like it every single time but try to do it as much as possible anyway.

Not feeling well. Your child normally showers you with hugs and kisses but suddenly, it is the opposite. You might want to visit your child's pediatrician who can give you good advice.

Acting very inappropriately, an out-of-order attitude. It's a shame to see toddlers who push, hit or bite violently. This should NOT in any case be tolerated! It is not at all cute! Follow through with disciplining and be consistent. Make it absolutely clear that attitude as such cannot and will never be accepted.

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