Tips For A Successful Job Interview

ROVING IMP - Kristalle Marie Garcia-Kekert () - March 9, 2011 - 12:00am

Interviews can certainly put anyone into an uncomfortable position, but the best way is to have confidence and to always think positive. You may be turned down on your first or second job interview or may be lucky enough to grab the position instantly. Applying for a job is similar to playing the lottery and the only difference is that you can take control of the situation yourself. It's a lot of effort for only a few minutes of interview, so the best of luck to you!

Make an honest and well-written CV (curriculum vitae or resume) and always ensure to check for spelling errors. A made up or exaggerated CV will only backfire in the end so it is always best to be honest about yourself. To make your written application a little more interesting, you may, apart from the usual information such as personal details (name and other contact details), education and prior work experience (in relation to the position you are applying for), include a CV cover, a few of your interests outside of work by pointing out your strengths as well as weaknesses and a list of two to three references. Keep the whole of your application to a maximum of two pages since long applications can sometimes bore the employer, most especially if there are hundreds of job applications to read through.

Always appear at the interview on time. It is good etiquette to arrive at least 20 minutes before the appointed time. This also gives you time to relax and rehearse on what to say during the interview. No employer would ever want an employee turning up late for work, so leaving a good first impression is highly essential; make it count.

Dress smartly for the occasion (note that dark-coloured with plain prints and no logos always work best). Always exert a bit more effort, (but don't overdress) despite whatever job type you are applying for. This includes neat haircuts/styles and grooming i.e. clean nails, moderate make-up (for women) and a shaved facial appearance (for men). Good hygiene is very important, as well. Avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, excessive accessories, strong cologne and chewing gum as this normally comes across as tacky during interviews. Think about what impression this is going to leave. Do remember that little things such as this are usually noticed.

Be sure to know the ins and outs of the job description you are applying for. It would also help to familiarize yourself in advance by finding more about the company beforehand. If you were truly serious about your application, you would normally enjoy planning ahead. You'd be surprised that many people who send in their application forms sometimes don't know what they're really applying for. Some individuals have the habit of sending in an application for any job opening, thinking that they can grab anything they want, before actually looking into the position well enough. Then, when a call, email or a letter from the employer comes through, the applicant suddenly isn't prepared for anything. A complete waste of time for both parties, isn't it?

Always have good manners. Be aware of your body language by not slumping in your seat so as not to come across as lazy. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and don't forget to say please and thank you, when necessary. Only ask the interviewee relevant questions in relation to the position you are applying for (but do keep your answers short, clear and simple). It would also be helpful to think about what questions to ask before an interview. Make a list if it makes you feel better. Be knowledgeable and avoid inappropriate language. Show the interviewer politely and sincerely what you can contribute to the company, but do avoid personal matters such as name-dropping and other irrelevant examples, which might cause complications and could lead to an overall unprofessional interview. Before you exit, it is always appropriate to thank your potential employer (by stating his or her name) with a smile. This makes them feel more important after possibly having gone through several interviews on that same day. For the more serious applicants, you may even follow up at a later date with a written thank you letter.

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