The road to prayer

- Joseph Uysetuan () - April 15, 2007 - 12:00am
The following are popular proverbs relating to the Eternal City - Rome . They say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Sorry, but not all Romans take the road to the Vatican . They say, " Rome was not built in a day." So then were the roads from Bethlehem to this Italian capital. They say, "All roads lead to Rome." But then, that was when Rome was the world.

Nowadays, all roads lead to everywhere. We have all kinds of roads now, including those "highways in the skies." In hours, we can reach any part in the East. In a day, we can be anywhere in the West. Yet, there is a main road that all of us have to take. This is the road to prayer. This is the road that leads to all other roads.

Prayer is an amazing grace that opens the avenues to the destinations we hope to arrive at. It is the wonder stuff that we hold fast to in the fulfillment of our aspirations, undertakings and intentions. No force on earth, tangible or intangible, can rival the spirit, awesomeness and delivery punch of this phenomenon we call "prayer."

This is so because there is an essence of divinity dabbled in it. That''s why there is the attachment of the "miracle" word to prayers that unimaginably happen. We must keep faith and believe that God always answers prayers. Prayer is a communication path to God. We must always keep our eyes on the road, so to speak.

The way of handling life is a matter of taking a direction. As the roads are many, so are the directions. We must stay focused on those that lead to the right road. This, as pointed out, is the major road to prayer. We must seek the road that will take us to the land where useful and well-chosen dreams come true. We must get on the right track in leading a righteous, worthwhile and fruitful life. We must walk the lane where love, kindness and forgiveness flourish.

We know this is easier said than done, owing to the fact that the road is hard, narrow and long. But we have to struggle, squirm through it. We have to tackle the difficulties and impediments along it. We have a goal to attain - getting there. And this needs a lot of prayers - on the road.

When we traverse the road to prayer, we must be discreet with our entreaties and intentions. We cannot just kneel down and selfishly or stubbornly implore for anything to satisfy ourselves. We cannot simply appeal to get rich or petition for our own interest only. Because thoughtfulness for others is one message stipulated in prayer.

When we pray for our health, prosperity and blessings, have in mind those who are around us. God loves a cheerful giver. When others pray for their happiness, welfare and success, they will take notice of ours. God loves a thoughtful sharer.

God not only lays down for us the road to prayer, but also the road to plenty. As we hit these roads, heaven never ceases to drop manna blessings upon us, both substantial and spiritual. Heaven even sees to it that we will never run out of this stuff, so that we can keep on partaking and sharing. Don''t get stingy with your love and blessings, they will never fizzle out. Even still, share a part of your money and time though they may not be enough for you.

Of course, the road to prayer also encompasses hope, faith and love. It is here that we find strength to keep us up in the swirling waters of life. Hope will blaze a trail. Faith will move the boulders. Love will open the road. So, my friend, let''s embark on the road to prayer and hit the brake there.

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