I'm always around

- Joseph Uysetuan () - July 30, 2006 - 12:00am
WE have always heard of God's omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience. We all know He is The One of all things, in all ways, in all time, in all places. He is so awesome that He can do anything, is everywhere, and knows everything. To describe His other attributes and functions, we simply prefix "omni-" to words like divine, providing, merciful. Or we just say He is all-wise, ever-loving and - to use His favorite expression - always around.

Right, you got me, the title of this article is a dialogue line from the movie, "Superman Returns." I seek your indulgence for the super hero's participation here. It sounds corny, but it is his inspiring words from whence this piece of writing comes. I could have stolen that line from you since it is on everybody's lips. But, let's attribute it to God. I suppose he must have reflected, "Lois, this is God, I'm always around," long before Superman did. We do utter the same thing to our "Lois," or to those we love. But, do we mean it for others, like God and Superman do?

No force on earth or anywhere can match the omnipresence of God. Even the Man of Steel is nowhere near Him. Imagine, God is present here and there and everywhere, precisely at the same time. He is in heaven, on earth, in all dimensions - time, space, motion. We don't have to search for Him. He's in the Big Apple, in gay Paree or in Big Ben town, to parody a song. He's around the world, around town, around you.

The phrases below in italics are from the movie, just in case you have missed it - the flick, I mean. The reason why the world doesn't need Superman is because God is here. That's what we may deduce. On the other hand, the reason why the world needs Superman is because God needs him here, as a role model. C'mon, Lois. God knows there is a little Superman in us and He wants us to be there. He wants us to stand by our loved ones, as well as mere acquaintances and total strangers. In time of their needs, He wants us to say to them, "I'm always around." Just like what Superman does.

What the world needs are gallant, crusading, dedicated personalities - the comics or movie type. Champions who take up the cudgels for truth, justice and freedom. Diehards who stand up for their principles, beliefs and ideals. Adventurers who fight for good causes and undertake missions.

But then, that's in the make-believe world. In our little world, we can make as much sense in "I'm always around." We can make as much value of the little Superman in us. To depict, though we cannot save a burning plane, we can save a lost soul or two. Though we cannot fly our sweetheart all over the metropolis, we can always be true, loving and caring to her. Though we cannot be the world's hero, we can be our son's hero. We know we can accomplish more than that. Play Good Samaritan, play hero to the rescue, play champion to the poor, weak and sick.

It's all just a matter of being there. It's all about our taking up a role in the manifestation of our concern and support as depicted in the stories above. Doing those roles makes us an angel to the lost soul we have lifted up; a saint to the beloved we have stood by an idol to our son we have supported.

If God is omni-present, Superman always around and we just around, that's quite good enough for us.

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