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Dead man found in Samboan creek

CEBU, Philippines - A man believed to be drunk met his untimely death when he accidentally fell off a five-meter cliff into a creek where he drowned subsequently.

The fatality, Mario Binag, 24, a resident of barangay Camburoy in Samboan town also sustained serious injuries on his face. His already bloated body was found floating in the creek in barangay Colase, also in Samboan town. 

Investigators later found out that the victim smelled of liquor, which made them believe drunkenness might have been the reason he fell off the cliff. Police also believe that Binag died when his face hit the rocks in the creek. Binag was last seen about 10pm the other night walking along the road near the creek where he was found.

Police, however, said they are not discounting the possibility of murder. — Niña G. Sumacot/JMO (THE FREEMAN)

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