EDITORIAL - Ukraine shouldn’t lose the moral high ground

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EDITORIAL - Ukraine shouldnât lose the moral high ground

Russia has a new weapon in the war against Ukraine; a graphic video purportedly showing the execution of surrendered Russian soldiers. It is now making the rounds of Russian news and social media, being used to bolster the campaign against Ukraine.

While the Russians claim their soldiers were executed by the Ukrainians, the Ukrainians insist the Russian soldiers faked their surrender then attacked them, forcing them to fire back.

We aren’t sure who is telling the truth because the video alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Russia has also been known to use false news and set up elaborate fake scenarios for their propaganda, while Ukrainians have certainly been angered enough to take justice into their own hands.

But if the video does indeed show the summary execution of surrendered Russian troops then this is a disaster for Ukraine.

Right now the world is divided between those rooting for Ukraine and those rooting for Russia. However, the division is such that most of the world is for Ukraine while only autocratic nations like Belarus, Syria, and Iran, are openly supporting Russia.

Ukraine is the David that isn’t afraid to stand up to Goliath, it’s the underdog that dares to stand up to the big bully, and the world loves an underdog.

Ukraine is enjoying what can be called the “moral high ground” in this war.

Because of this Ukraine shouldn’t do anything that will dislodge it from this high ground. It shouldn’t give Russia any moral ammunition to use against them. They shouldn’t give Moscow something they can use as a recruitment or propaganda tool.

If it was indeed an execution it will be easy for some of us to say those soldiers deserved it; after all haven’t they been doing the same, if not worse, in Ukraine since February? Didn’t Russians execute soldiers and civilians in the same manner as well?

Yes, it’s very easy to succumb to the savage joy in our breast that demands an eye for an eye. But this war isn’t just a war of attrition. It’s a war for the hearts and minds as well. And killing surrendered soldiers --again if this was a summary execution borne out of rage-- is something underdogs and those on the moral high ground don’t do.

Of course, one video will not cause the world to change its opinion about the war in Ukraine. But if Ukraine somehow loses the moral high ground in this war, it will lose the outside support of powerful allies. And so far, outside support is the biggest reason why Ukraine is winning the war right now.


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