Face to face classes: A new challenge to face

Thank God election is over and done with. And so we face one of the challenges we should start dealing with now face-to-face classes.

Rewind to 2020, when we all long for this type of class, realizing for the millionth time, how convenient it is to have a teacher-student face-to-face interaction, and how we would practically give anything just to have that normal setup back. Teachers would spend sleepless nights making the modules, printing and sorting them, and making sure that these learning papers are received by the students; parents would complain on how the modular distance learning became a hassle to them as their burden is added with another responsibility, and that is to make sure that their kids answer their modules correctly. They became teachers overnight, with most parents not having a clue on how to teach their kids, or worse, what to teach them; and students, very happy at first for they no longer have to wake up early to go to school and they can have more time to play, but eventually realizing that it is more fun to be in school and more challenging to horse around while the teacher is nearby.

Now it is just fortunate that we are now slowly expanding face-to-face classes. It might not be the normal setup yet, but we are gradually getting there. Our Education Secretary Leonor M. Briones has already authorized all regional directors to commence the progressive expansion phase of the face-to-face classes for both public and private schools.

And now that we are starting with face-to-face classes, regardless of how limited, I urge my fellow teachers to value this chance to be normal again, to have the chance to teach our students inside the four walls of the classrooms, to have the chance to impart our knowledge with passion and dedication to each one of them; and parents, now that you feel what it is like to teach our kids, may you appreciate the teachers even more, and work hand-in-hand with us in making sure that your kids will do their best when it comes to their studies; and students, I pray, that along with your realization of how blessed you are to be back in school, comes also the will to learn and absorb as much knowledge as you can, because learning after all, is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence.

Teachers, get ready with your sanitized classrooms and practice your vocal cords as you will definitely need your booming voices again. Parents, you may now sit back and enjoy that “me-time” you so missed because of your kids’ modules. And students, well, what can we say but WELCOME BACK!

Frederick D. Gurrea

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Master Teacher I

Bactas Elementary School, Catmon, Cebu

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