And the winner is…God!

PERSPECTIVE - Cherry Piquero Ballescas - The Freeman

Yes! Definitely, without doubt, for all believers, this will be the clear result of the May 9 elections!

For did not the Lord tell Thomas in John 20:29: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

In fact, even before election day, God’s victory has already been manifested all throughout the country! Panalo na si Lord, not only by May 9, but even before election day!

God’s love has been shared and continues to be shared by millions of Filipinos who joined rallies. All throughout the country, witnesses can testify to the multiplication and sharing of loaves, water, and more! Walang gutom among those who voluntarily attended pink rallies!

God’s victory has already shown itself in the form of genuine unity among people of various religious denominations, gender, age and class for LeniKikoTeam!

Love of God continues to be proclaimed and practiced by countless nationwide in the form of collective prayers, masses, rosaries and more! Never since 1986 has there been an outpouring of voluntary, joyful, prayerful LeniKikoTeam supporters, not just in one city or province but in many areas of the Philippines!

Before elections, Filipino voters are reminded about Deuteronomy 17:14-20 which instructed the Israelites what to remember in appointing their king/their leader:

“Be sure to appoint over you a king the Lord your God chooses. He must not accumulate large amounts of silver and gold, that he may learn to revere the Lord his God.”

Inspired by this advice in Deuteronomy, Filipinos are enjoined to pray this till election day: “Heavenly Father, we pray for our nation's next leaders, handpick the persons yourself. Give our nation courageous leaders who look to you for guidance, who will not acquire power and wealth to benefit themselves, or their families, but who will institute reforms that will benefit the Philippines and its countrymen. One with a heart to serve the nation and your people. Give us leaders with both heart and skill, character and wisdom, humility and will, competence and integrity! Amen.”

Doubters continue to taunt and ridicule believers for being blind to surveys that show who the winners are.

Doubters themselves, however, remain blind to the truth that the published surveys have been commissioned, have been critiqued for sampling problems and that there are other non-commissioned surveys that show results different from those the doubters brag about.

Doubters call for genuine unity, for believers not to carry over the yellow-colored past into the present and to forgive, allow children of former dictators/presidents to rule.

Doubters themselves forget though that they have also not forgiven nor will they allow the yellows or those they see are associated with the dilawans to serve the Filipino people, despite truthful proven credentials and record of transparent commitment and performance.

Doubters also seem to remain deaf and blind to the truth that forgiveness is given to one who genuinely asks for forgiveness. Has their worshipped candidate asked for forgiveness or better still, returned, before May 9 elections, the billions of certified stolen public funds?

Doubters also seem oblivious to the glaring continuation of political dynasties of their candidates not only for national but even for local positions. Are the doubters saying yes as well to the continuation of mounting unexplained debts, persistence of smuggled drugs amidst widespread deepening hunger and poverty? Why?

We pray, not in exchange for a measly hundreds/thousands in election money/other promises. God is the winner among those who believe in clean/honest elections, among those who will vigilantly guard/keep sacred the votes of each and every Filipino.

What about glitches/cheating/vote-buying/electoral fraud? Fear not! Come May 9, let us rejoice and be glad, for this is the day of God’s victory!


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