Never another Marcos again: 10 big reasons

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

Men and women of reason, integrity, honor, decency, and a sense of nationalism, love of country, fear of God, and Filipinos good with good sense of judgment and sound discretion like Chief Justice Jun Davide, senators Serge Osmeña, Jun Magsaysay, Pong Biazon, and Wigberto Tañada will never vote for Marcos. It is an act of national suicide.

We should reject the governors’ and the mayors' dictations, and the importuning trapos like GMA, Erap, Chavit Singson, the Villars, or some politicos in Cebu, who have never worked outside of politics, and have always made the government their only source of income, business, and livelihood. Nor do I refer to some families who are too wealthy and have too many business empires and want to control the government, obviously just to protect their business interests. I refer to honorable and honest people who have the welfare of the majority in mind, the people who want to protect our territories, and who really want honesty in government. And these people give 10 reasons why they will never choose a lazy, lying, and non-performing brat, whom the president said is a very weak leader who has not done anything to help the nation.

First, a question on the competence of BBM to become the head of state and head of government. Where is his diploma? I have been a Human Resources man for the longest time. I need your credentials. If you want to lead this nation of 112 million people and 7,107 islands, show me your academic achievements. Can you beat a provinciana who is a full-fledged lawyer and a UP graduate in Economics and a master’s degree holder? Second, what is BBM's performance and attendance record in Congress, what has he done as governor of Ilocos? You did not construct those windmills that you show in your ads. Why is your region still underdeveloped, after more than 50 years of Marcos lordship in Ilocos? The Marcoses have prospered but what about the Ilocanos? What help have you done to your so-called solid north?

Third, what are your legislative achievements in the Senate? What bills have you filed? How many absences have you incurred? What committees have you led with excellence, in the same degree of excellence that Senator Gordon led the Red Ribbon and the committees on good government? What privilege speech have you delivered? How many anomalies have you exposed? How many shenanigans in the bureaucracies have you exposed in your oversight functions? Your father was a great senator, even an outstanding one, but can you even hold a candle before his sterling records? I have not heard you ask a brilliant question in the manner of a Joker Arroyo, a Jovito Salonga, a Ninoy Aquino, or a Miriam.

Fourth, I am raising questions on honesty, on taxation, and on your being the administrator of your late father's estate. I do not have to elaborate because of lack of space. Is this the reason why you don't attend Comelec-sponsored debates?

Fifth, where was BBM when super typhoon Yolanda struck the province and city of your mom? You are consistently not helping in disasters and calamities, not after Odette, Agaton, Ondoy, or Yolanda, not at all. Sixth, you need to explain yourself why President Duterte called you a very weak leader. Seventh, you need to explain why your dad was quoted saying: “Our problem is our son, he needs to develop character”, why did he say that? Eighth, why did your wife mean when she said: “I'm too New York, the government can't afford me”?

Ninth, why are you propagating a family dynasty? Your son is running for Congress, another relative is running for governor and another for the other district against the Fariñas family who are your allies? Your sister is already a senator, why do you want to control all branches of government? Tenth, why do you refuse to debate with Vice President Leni? Are you afraid? You call for unity but you do not want to attend forums with your opponents?

Honestly, my dear, you are a black enigma, and we cannot vote for an unopened package. Good and sensible voters cannot and will not vote for you. You are the complete opposite of the next president who is a brave, honest, and principled woman.


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