Why are people afraid of Digong running for VP?

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits an incumbent president running for vice president. And when the Constitution does not prohibit it, why would anybody prevent him? If he makes a fool of himself, why would you deny him that privilege? GMA, an immediate past president, ran for congresswoman of Pampanga. No one gave a damn. Erap, a former president, ran for mayor of Manila. Did anybody raise a howl? So what's the fuzz?

Well, I am one of those who believe that legally, he could, but morally, he should not. But if he does, let the people decide, not the COMELEC, not the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, not even the Supreme Court. The people are the ultimate judge. That is the essence of a true democracy. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. President Duterte has his own reasons. Let us give him the privilege of doubt. He may be in good faith. He may just want to accomplish as vice president what he failed to finish as president. He has not delivered on his promise about ending the drug menace in less than a year. He failed to end corruption. And did not end contractualization. He promised to ride on a jet ski and to plant a flag pole in Scarborough Shoal. Well, it was just a joke and only stupid people would take it literally. Nonetheless, he might be serious this time.

Of course, if I were his friend, and he would ask for my honest advice, I would tell him, what for? You have had your chance and you bungled it. What can you do as number two that you could not have done as number one? Give the others a chance. If it be Inday Sara or Bong Go, let it be. You are entitled to rest. Enjoy life. Tour the world. Smell the flowers and see the girls. Life is short, why make it shorter with nasty people like Trillanes hounding you and your sons with preposterous charges? Why spend your hours serving ungrateful people? You have done enough and history will be kinder to you if you stop while on top. I mean when you quit public service while your popularity rating is high.  Go out. See the world. Do not stress yourself and have more headaches. You can take a cruise from Amsterdam along the River Rhine towards Germany, Austria and see Lorelie. Drink champagne and listen to the music of Blue Danube. Life is not all politics. Leave Bong Go and Bato behind. You have helped them more than they deserve.

If I were a septuagenarian who had already given six heavy years in the service to the nation, why would I kill myself serving a government with too many hard-headed people? The customs still have a lot of corruption. The BIR has never reformed. There is corruption in the judiciary, in the prosecution service, in the police and in the military. There is even corruption in DOH and DSWD. If I were close to him, I would tell the president not to shoot the messenger if they tell him the truth. Manny Pacquiao is not your enemy. He does not need you actually. You need him because he has no hidden agenda. He is a man of God. He has trillions of pesos. He has more mansions than you have. You should have called him in a private coffee or tuba tete-a-tete, with kinilaw and durian, and he would tell you the truth. But you blinded yourself with the delusion that all your people are truthful to you.

People are afraid of Digong running because he will surely win. And if the president is either Inday Sara or Bong Go, in that scenario, we all know that he will be the one running the show. He will be calling the shots. Manong Digong is that caliber of a man who can never be second fiddle to any other. He had always been commanding all his life. Bong Go will be cutting ribbons and drinking champagne with Vlamdimir Putin or Xi Jinping or even Pareng Joe Biden while Digong will be ordering cabinet members to do this and not do that, telling them to sign with this contractor and blacklist the others. He would be choosing who will be appointed judges, and justices, ambassadors and BIR and Customs commissioners. He will be telling the president who is the general to be named PNP Director General and AFP chief of staff. He will be the real power behind the throne.

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