End the day in thanksgiving

HINTS AND TRACES - Fr. Roy Cimagala (The Freeman) - May 10, 2021 - 12:00am

I suppose that is the proper way to end the day. Regardless of how the day went —it can be very bad— we still have reason to be thankful. At least we have reached the end of the day, and that is reason enough to be thankful. But I am sure there are many other reasons to be grateful.

We must have done something worthwhile and positive, even if it was also mixed with some bad elements. We should see to it that that we always look at the bright side of the day rather than get stuck with the negative things, like our mistakes, lack of proper intention, etc. Let’s focus more on the positive things, and from there start or continue to do more good things.

Together with a great sense of thanksgiving, we should end the day feeling reconciled with God and with everybody else, asking for forgiveness and also forgiving everyone who may have wronged us or caused us some irritation. Even if there are things to be resolved, things to be confessed, etc., we should try our best that peace and joy reign in our mind and heart as we go to bed.

Insofar as God is concerned, we are reassured that he is always forgiving. His mercy is forever. We should not go around or keep for long some heavy feelings of guilt, as long as we also have the intention to fix whatever needs to be fixed.

We need to see to it that our daily rest at the end of the day anticipates the final rest we are supposed to have with God and everybody else in heaven. To be sure, this is not a way of falling into presumption or of cultivating a lax conscience. We are meant to be with God in heaven at the end of our life. So, we have to sort of practice for it in our daily life and rest.

We have to be wary of the tendency to feel afraid or ashamed of God that sometimes is being promoted by some supposedly good and saintly people. Yes, there is a holy fear of God that we should foster in ourselves, but that should be distinguished from the unhealthy fear that separates us from God all the more. Even as we try our best to develop a most delicate conscience, we should see to it that we avoid falling into having a scrupulous conscience.

We are told that our mistakes and even sins can be a good occasion to go back to God. God will always welcome us back as illustrated vividly in the parable of the prodigal son.

Besides, we all know that we do better when we have peace and joy in our heart, when in spite of our differences and conflicts, in spite of our defects, mistakes and sins, we can still manage to be at peace with everyone.

Let’s be wary of the tricks of the devil who would take advantage of our weaknesses, mistakes and sins, of our differences and conflicts to separate us from God and from others. Such state of our relationship with God and from others has no other way but to lead us to further deterioration in our relationship with them, until we become completely alienated from them.

Let’s see to it that at least at the end of the day, thanksgiving, peace and joy, that feeling of being reconciled with everyone reign in our heart.

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