Mass crapping

LOOKING ASKANCE - Joseph Gonzales (The Freeman) - March 28, 2021 - 12:00am

The milestone that is one entire calendar year has come and gone, and we are still not much better off than where we were when the lockdown was declared. Sure, we have testing kits (mostly not free), and our hospitals have learned the necessary protocols to treat the coronavirus, but apart from these, this country is still ass-deep in political manure.

Yep, let’s face it. We’re deep in a stinky pigpen (apologies to the hogs for the unfair comparison). Four million unemployed. Recession. Hunger. Deaths. Oh yeah, more deaths.

Let’s blame all the stink where it’s emanating from: the politicians. So much posturing has been done over the year that was to justify appropriating not just billions, but trillions and yet, despite multiple bills and ordinances and IATF regulations, we are still mired in this COVID mud hole.

Look at the United States: with newly-elected President Joe Biden leading the charge, America is going to hit a hundred million vaccinations well before his first hundred days. Look at our inutile administration; this whole March, we’re slated to receive barely 3.5 million doses!

And the speed of administration? To date, only half a million frontliners (and cheaters) have been vaccinated on what is presumably just their first dose. What about the rest of us who have been patiently awaiting our turn, resisting temptations to jump the queue? When do those jabs get plunged into our expectant bodies? Hopefully, while our sexy bodies are still wet and throbbing, and not when they’re already riddled with disease and dry as a husk.

What accounts for this lack of planning, lack of foresight, disastrous implementation, and negligent execution (you name the ingredient for failure, this government has it)? Imagine, even mayors who are supposed to serve as shining beacons of reason and inspiration for us the constituents, these jerks have cut the line and gotten vaccines ahead of healthcare workers!

So when the ship starts sinking, we know who’s scrambling into the lifeboats ahead of everyone else, right? Oh, I forget. The ship is already sinking. The country is mired in poverty, unemployment, debt, economic crashes, and medical crises. And did I say crap?

Shall we take a stab at who’s going to skip the country ahead of everyone else? Who already has second homes in another country? If our Ombudsmen just had more sophisticated means of tracing money flows, they would have been able to track all those COVID funds being siphoned off from government funds into politicians’ pork “projects”, red-tagging accusations, and wild-goose chasing of communists, and from there, to bank accounts and mansions in other destinations with, sad to say, better governance.

Countries where the system is working, where medical services are available, where contact tracing is happening, where isolation rules are enforced, and politicians are serving for the better good, not for enrichment and fame.

Meanwhile, in the banana republic slowly becoming a coal-pit. Because that’s all we are - coal deposits being plundered without a thought to the detritus, the gaping environmental disaster being left behind. We’re just husks that’re going to be discarded afterwards - the humans whose backs were trodden upon to get the politicians the exits they craved.

There is an adage that goes, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Or, “don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.” And many other similar moralizing quotes that were taught to us when we were children. Fables on humility, service, fellowship, nationhood. Tales designed to enable us to recognize what is important, what our core values should be. Those which teach what is vital, about our duties to society, our place in the sun.

Were our leaders absent during those lessons, or are they purposefully ignoring them? Are they deliberately evil, having made the wrong choices with full consciousness of the harm, nay, the deaths, they are causing to their fellowmen?

Because that’s what is happening. We are dying. In various ways, whether through a virus, or through hunger, or through bullets meant for invaders, but directed towards countrymen. Our leaders led us to this. Not for us something as banal as a mass shooting. Shall we call this a collective...suicide?

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