Could it be Sara versus Bongbong or Villar in 2022?

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus Jimenez (The Freeman) - December 8, 2020 - 12:00am

What would be the triggering reason, or driving motivation, if you will, for Inday Sara, Bongbong, and Cynthia to run for president in 2022? Not necessarily because they truly love the country, although every trapo would say that to tickle the masses. Well, Sara needs to protect the Duterte legacy, Cynthia to protect the Villar business empires, and Marcos to make the Marcos name great again.

We know by now the tried and tested style of the Dutertes. They would deny any reference to running for office. They would try their best to say that Davao is enough for them, that one president Duterte is one too many, and that they want a peaceful and quiet life. But the truly astute and wise would say: Tell that to the marines. The truth is that they really have a secret plan. And Senator Bong Go and their trusted political machines are silently and gradually raising funds and organizing all towns, barangays, and puroks. What then is the aim of Hugpong? What is the purpose of the Malasakit Center, other than to help? To help prepare for 2022. Inday Sara, even if she personally does not want to mess up her life with the hustle and bustle of another presidential campaign, cannot say no to her papa. Papa Rody would, of course, tell her that we need to be in power to protect ourselves from the strong backlash from people we hurt by Digong's daring decisions and unorthodox actions.

The Dutertes do need power to protect their family from the drug lords and many business taipans and tycoons who were hurt by his draconian measures. And so, even if it would be too much headache, Sara really needs to run in 2022. If they do not have the money, the money will come from all vested interests, just like what happened in 2016. There will be money from the mining empires in Mindanao for they need to protect their business of ravishing the environment from the likes of the late Gina Lopez. The mining moguls will supply the money, coming from the gold in Davao de Oro, from the copper and other minerals in Surigao and other Caraga provinces. Money will flow from the tuna empires in Gensan and the banana and pineapple foreign tycoons in Cotabato, Bukidnon, and other provinces. Money will be the least of their worries.

Bongbong has to run because the fallen Marcos Empire has to be rehabilitated. Imee is in the Senate, and her son is governor of Ilocos Norte. Madam Imelda is too old for Congress. They have a live-and-let-live modus vivendi with Rudy Farinas in Ilocos Norte and a de facto truce with Chavit Singson in Ilocos Sur. And when Bongbong runs for president, both Farinas and Singson are sworn to defend the Solid North. They call it Timpuyog Ti Amianan, their version of Hugpong. If Marcos is not in power, the anti-Marcos forces would continue to renew the attacks against their alleged hidden wealth, the secret accounts supposedly in Swiss banks, the many buildings in Manhattan, and the fabled high-priced paintings by classic masters, not to mention the Golden Buddha, and the thousands of jewelry stashed somewhere and which the PCGG simply could not find.

And Cynthia Villar has to run because there is already a Camella Homes or a Vista Land in almost all provinces and cities. There are Coffee Project coffee shops all over. The All Home supply stores for home furnishings and construction materials are spreading like mushrooms. Who will protect these businesses from overzealous tax collectors and inspectors from DOLE, city engineers offices, and firemen? The Villars need to be in power because of their business empires. Just like why the Lopezes had to be in power before to protect the Meralco and the ABS-CBN. When Fernando Lopez was no longer vice president, they lost Meralco and they just lost ABS-CBN. The business tycoons who are not in politics have to spend billions to fund the campaigns of the trapos. So, if you tell me that politicians run for love of country, I will tell you to tell that to the marines. I may be silly or even crazy, at times. But we are not stupid. We were not born yesterday.

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