Why Fil-Ams and other Asians are for Joe Biden
WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - October 29, 2020 - 12:00am

Except only for the Vietnamese, a survey among all Asian Americans who are voters in this year's US presidential polls indicates that the ratio of presidential preferences is sixty percent for the Democratic challenger, Joe Biden and only 28 percent for the incumbent president Donald Trump of the Republicans. The rest are undecided. We have researched on the reason for this and we explain them below.

Among the Asians, the Indian Americans prefer Joe Biden by a lopsided ratio of 65 to 28 percent, in favor of the challenger Biden. Perhaps, the fact that Joe Biden's chosen vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris is a daughter of an Indian immigrant, Shyamala Gopalan from British India, explains partly the strong support of the expanding Indian communities in America for the Democratic tandem. The Japanese Americans also prefer the Biden-Harris team and the Democratic Party by a ratio of 61 percent for the Democrats and only 24 percent for Donald Trump and Mike Pence of GOP. Unknown to many, the Japanese immigrants now living in America are increasing, especially those in Hawaii, and they are able to elect Japanese senators and members of the US  Congress.

The Korean Americans also prefer the Democratic team over that of the Republicans at a ratio of 57 percent for Biden- Pence. The Chinese Americans prefer Biden and Harris by a ratio of 56 percent over a mere 20 per cent for Trump. Not far from the average are the Filipino-Americans who choose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with 55 per cent for the Democrats and only 34 for Donald Trump and Pence. Only the Vietnamese choose Trump at a rate of 48 per cent over 36 per cent for Joe Biden. Thus, all in all, the estimated average for all Asians is 60 percent for Biden and Harris and only 28 percent for Trump and Pence. The rest are non-committal

The reasons for all these are obvious. First, is Trump's anti-immigrant policies and decisions. Second, is the Trump administration's determined efforts to abrogate and to repeal the Obamacare, which will adversely affect the majority of the Asian Americans. Third, this potent bloc joins the large segments of other races in the US on their abhorrence of Trump's mishandling of the COVID crisis. The first reason is the most compelling. Trump's pronouncements and decisions constantly put in jeopardy the Asians dream to petition for their family members to join them someday in the pursuit of the American dream. Trump is the kind of president who would make it virtually impossible to make their dream come true.

Second, Joe Biden is the one who is more likely to pursue president Obama's very compassionate policy for the poor who are sick and who could not afford the extensive costs of medical and hospital care. Trump's anti-poor and anti-labor, anti-immigrant policies will be translated into an anti-Trump votes come election day. Lastly, the Asians think that the way Trump behaved in relation to the pandemic is unbecoming of a national leader. Many of the state governors, especially the Democrats have shown better leadership by example than the overall leader of the nation. It will be shown that covid is one of the tipping points, and even the best game changer which turned the tides against Donald Trump.

The Asians are now a considerable voting bloc and may approximate the significance of the blacks and the Latinos. The Fil-ams in Hawaii, California, Nevada, New York, Texas, Florida, Washington and other states are also being courted by both Democrats and Republicans. Over the years, they are more blue than red, and they are very passionate about casting their votes. Trump will soon realize that he has antagonized the Asians in general, and the Pinoys in particular. Good for him.

The Chinese Harris compared to a mere 26 percent for Trump-Pence.

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