The biggest, smallest, and strongest countries in the world

WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez - The Freeman

Size does matter and the number of people in every nation definitely matters much, when we determine the power of every state and its influence in world affairs. Power comes from size and also from numbers.

There are more than 200 countries, with the biggest, Russia, having a land area of 16,376,870 square kilometers and the smallest, the Holy See with only 0.44 square kilometers. The country with the biggest population is China with 1,439,323,776 and the smallest population is 801, which is also that of the Holy See. In terms of area, next to Russia is China with 9,388,211. The next biggest countries in land area (square kilometers) are: United States, 9,147,420; Canada, 9,093,510; Brazil, 8,358,140; Australia, 7,682,300; India, 2,973,190; Argentina, 2,736,690; Kazakhstan, 2,699,700; Algeria, 2,381,740; Congo, 2,267,050; Saudi Arabia, 2,149,690; Mexico, 1,943,950; Indonesia, 1,811,570; Sudan, 1,759,540; Libya,,1,628,000; Mongolia, 1,553,560; Peru,180,000; and Niger, 1,266,700.

The countries with the smallest areas are: the Holy See, 0.44 square kilometers, Monaco, 1 square kilometer; Tokelau, 10; Gibraltar, 10; Nauru, 20; Saint Barhelemy, 21; Macao, 30; Tuvalu, 30 Saint Maarten, 34; Bermuda, 50; Saint Marino, 60; Anguila, 90; Montserrat, 100; Wallis and Futuna, 140; British Virgin Islands, 150; Liechtenstein, 160; Aruba, 180; Marshall Islands, 180, and Channel Islands 190. The Holy See is a country within another country. It is located in Rome, which is the capital of Italy, another sovereign country. The word “see” comes from the Latin word “sedes”, which means seat, the seat of the successor of St. Peter, the first pope, according to the tradition of the Catholic Church.

In terms of population, the 20 biggest countries are China, 1,439,323,776; India, 1,380,004,385; United States, 331,002,651; Indonesia, 273,523,615; Pakistan, 220,892,340; Brazil, 212,559,417; Nigeria, 206,139,589; Bangladesh, 164,689,383; Russia, 145,934,462; Mexico, 128,932,753; Japan, 126,476,461; Ethiopia, 114,963,588; Philippines, 109,581,078; Egypt, 102,334,404; Vietnam, 97,338,579; Congo, 89,561,403; Turkey, 84,339,067; Iran, 83,992,949; Germany, 83,783,942; and Thailand, 69,799,978.

The countries with the smallest populations are: Holy See, 801; Tokelau, 1,357; Niue, 1,26; Falkland Islands, 3,480; Monserrat, 4,992; Saint Pierre, 5,794; Saint Barthelemy, 9,887; Nauru, 10,824; Wallis and Futuna, 11,239; Tuvalu, 11,792,; Anguilla, 15,003; Cook Islands, 17,564; Palau, 18,094; Caribbean Netherlands, 26,223; British Virgin Islands; 30,231; Gibraltar, 33,691; San Marino, 33,931; Liechtenstein, 38,128; Saint Maarten, 38,666.

On the basis of military might, there are three most powerful nations. The first is Russia with 3,586,128 military personnel (2.4% of total population), 4,078 warplanes, 71,981 combat tanks and armored fighting vehicles, 421 warships, frigates, and submarines, and an annual defense budget of $44 billion. China has 2,893,000 military personnel (0.20% of population), 3,187 warplanes, 53,050 combat tanks and armored vehicles, 773 warships, frigates, and submarines, and a war budget of $224 billion. The USA has 2,141,000 military personnel (0.64% of total population), 13,398 warplanes, 200,210 combat tanks, armored vehicles, 1,605 warships, frigates, and submarines and a defense budget of $716 billion.

If all the military budgets are used to buy food for millions of starving people in Africa and elsewhere, we should be able to eradicate hunger all over the world. If all military expenses are diverted to finance the search for a cure for COVID-19, then we shall have enough to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the billions of people on earth.


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