What audacity of the revgov planners

OFF TANGENT - Aven Piramide (The Freeman) - August 31, 2020 - 12:00am

The most fearsome news that I read last week was a reported invitation sent through Viber to Philippine National Police chief Police Gen. Archie Gamboa purportedly inviting him to attend a supposed meeting that called for a revolutionary government to be led by President Rodrigo Duterte. It was allegedly sent by a group of people supportive of the president with the obvious goal of extending his regime far beyond his constitutional limits which ends at noon of June 30, 2022.

That Viber was the means of communication allegedly used made it, to me, less reliable. It could be assailed as unworthy of trust by anyone if not eventually dismissed as fake news! This is not, in any way, to discredit this digital form of communication but it just happens that I have heard of messages sent through this medium being subsequently disowned by supposed authors/originators. This Viber thing then gives the chance of the invitation being withdrawn, deleted or totally denied when concerned individuals, the very persons who sent it, feel some heat. Even then, it did not whittle a bit the impact of such news to me.

There is nothing written in our constitution that allows the establishment of a revolutionary government. A revgov is unconstitutional. It overthrows our established order and will destroy our democracy. When it is established (God, please, no), the principle saying that the Philippines is a democratic and republican state is reduced to a farce, a fanciful myth. Sovereignty will no longer reside in the people. The citizens will cease to be the source government authority as the revolutionary ruler is the sole and absolute sovereign. There will be no more rule of law because what reigns is the word of the ruler.

A revgov dismantles all of our cherished institutions. There will no longer be an executive department with a president that is elected by the people. We will only have a dictator who might have all the men and women in the armed forces working to shield him. Political history from all corners of the universe tells us that the dictator does not live in harmony with a legislative. The absolute ruler is always afraid of dissent which normally comes from lawmakers. So, upon the establishment of a revgov, the first thing a dictator does is to close the legislative department and imprison the opposition. This was what Ferdinand Marcos did upon proclaiming martial law.

Plotters of revolutionary government confer in the most secretive ways simply because what they are planning is criminal. In fact, if they are known and identified, they should be arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated for a kind of high crime. If it is true that the people in this present movement have the gall to come into the open as to invite the chief of the country’s police, they must be desperate. Their time is fast ebbing away. When the 2022 election for the presidency proceeds and the electoral process is completed, the cause of these planners is totally lost. They must escalate in their dire efforts to lay the ground for such a proclamation before we can elect a new president. And because they seem to carry the blessings of President Duterte, they don’t need any cover. They don’t have to hide intentions. That explains the audacity of their reported invitation to Gen. Gamboa to join them in desecrating our constitution.

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