You be the judge
TO THE QUICK - Jerry S. Tundag (The Freeman) - August 14, 2019 - 12:00am

Socrates Villegas, who is facing charges of sedition along with several critics of the Duterte administration, has turned to social media to plead his case. It will take him nowhere. His case is with the courts, not on Facebook. Besides, it is very easy to get unmasked on Facebook. With a post so full of hysterical nonsense, Villegas only risks proving what a dismal disappointment he is.

"Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord ... Was I wrong?" cries Villegas on Facebook. What a troubled man. Already facing charges of sedition and he still does not know if he was right or wrong? There are thousands of priests and bishops in 85-percent Catholic Philippines and it is only Villegas and three others who are in their predicament. And he still asks the Lord if he is wrong.

But of course the Lord will not dignify him with a burning bush or a thunderclap for an answer. What Villegas failed to fathom is that the Lord already gave him an answer before he even asked the question. Was Villegas wrong? That the Lord did not send a cavalry of angels to prevent the filing of sedition charges gives us an idea of what God must have thought? God, in all likelihood, wanted Villegas to suffer for his foolishness.

Yet God, in allowing the sedition charges, still wanted everyone to know that he is a just and merciful God. God knows the sedition charges will not stick. He knows Villegas will eventually get off the hook. He just wants to teach those full of mischief a lesson. Not really having committed a crime, God just wants to temporarily drive Villegas nuts.

And that is exactly what is happening. Go see what Villegas posted on Facebook and you be the judge. He sounds like an "unsub" from a popular TV series. He claims Duterte roused people to kill bishops. That is a big fat lie and will remain so until he can prove an actual order has been made and that bishops have been killed as a result.

Of course, there had been a priest or two who had been murdered. What Villegas is not saying is exactly why the priests were slain. Was it for criticizing Duterte or something else? But of course Villegas is not saying, just as he was and continues to be conveniently silent as to which bishops had been investing in environmentally harmful dirty energy production, or more specifically coal mining.

Why is it so easy for Villegas to go hammer and tongs against a leader elected cleanly into office with a huge mandate, yet so hard to even speak out against evil within his own ranks? Duterte is not exactly the best of men. In fact he is probably the highest ranking sinner in the land. Yet Villegas forgets that it is people like Duterte for whom God sent his only son to redeem with his own life.

How un-God-like Villegas is. Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross for sinners. Villegas would rather pick a fight with them. And he still has the gall to ask God "was I wrong?" The problem with Villegas is that he has become more of a politician than a prelate. By his own admission in his post, he was already at it against Duterte prior to his election. Three years on, he is still at it. What a waste of God's time.

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