A critical turning point?
PERSPECTIVE - Cherry Piquero-Ballescas (The Freeman) - May 18, 2019 - 12:00am

Was the May 13 elections valid or not?

With the seven-hour computer glitch not yet fully explained to the public, various responses have been registered, mostly aimed to clear the air, to get clear, truthful evidence that the genuine votes of the Filipinos were respected and not tampered with, that the last May 13 elections were honest and the results, accurately reflecting the voices and choices of the Filipino people.

We join the call for Comelec to livestream and publicly explain 1.) Which transmission machines malfunctioned, 2.) What type of malfunction, 3.) What time, and 4.) Which precinct areas the so-called glitch happened.

Computer experts and specialists will surely be on hand to support or contest the Comelec glitch explanation.

As the computer glitch is related to those handling the computer program and the machine, the rest of the human resource network involved with the computer supply, installation, maintenance and repair, we expect Comelec to be bringing in as well these extensive network of participants responsible for the inputting and transmission of voters’ choices and electoral returns.

Transparency and truth are now the crucial issues that Comelec owes all of us here in our country and to all Filipinos all over the world as well.

Will the Comelec explanation be accepted by the Filipino people or will the Comelec glitch be another critical turning point for Philippine history like the walkout of vote tabulators during the 1986 snap presidential election which helped trigger the People Power Revolution of February 1986?

 To recall, here are portions of their statement:

 “We are computer technicians who were hired for the 1986 Comelec National Tabulation Poject. We walked out of the project on February 9, 1986 for a basic professional reason: we did not want ourselves to be used in any way that violates fundamental professional ethics.

“We were made to believe from the start that the job was going to be a professional one. The honor, responsibility and challenge that we saw in the project were enough to vindicate the hard work and long nights spent developing the computerized system before it was to start operating on February 7, 1986.

“None of us has any political affiliation. We are just independent-minded persons whose only desire is to preserve the purity of our profession.

“When the discrepancy between the computer tabulation reports and the figures on the tally board was detected, the immediate reaction was one of indignation and utter frustration. It hurt us to see a deliberate betrayal of trust. It did not matter who was winning or losing; cheating whether by 1 or 100,000 is still cheating. It was an insult to our most basic sensibilities, both moral and professional. And we did not want to have anything to do with it.

“The walkout was an escape from an intolerable situation.”

Will the May 13, 2019 Comelec computer glitch trigger another historical turning point like the February 1986 walkout of computer tabulators?

Will the following days unravel the truth about the genuine electoral results? Will the truth support or undermine the present DU30 administration?

Adding to the mystery of the computer glitch, did we miss any publicized exit poll survey results from any of the major survey companies? Were there any exit poll surveys made immediately after the May 13 elections? If none, why not? If yes, were the results published or not? If not published, why not?

What shall we expect next? More evidence of truth or lies?

In full faith we pray and await the truth, complete and nothing but God’s truth please.

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