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VERBAL VARIETY - Annie Perez - The Freeman

Okay, by this time we all have probably seen the Avengers: Endgame. It's barely a week since it was out and all the cinemas were packed with those who wanted to see this movie, which ends a great saga. I was one of them who were there on first day, and I can't help but shed tears as I watched the superheroes whom I have grown up with bid goodbye. For those of you who have no idea what this is, it is 11 years, or half of my life, worth of movies concocted by Marvel about superheroes, villains, and how they work together or against each other to save the world.

Apart from the superb effects of the movie and the touching scenes that made me cry, was the realization that we are all victims of superheroes in this world that we live in. Don't worry; I will try as much as possible not to spoil the movie for those who still plan to watch this.

I saw how their powers gave them abilities and responsibilities for the good of mankind and the rest of the universe. However, at some point in time, they lose control and desire more. When the desire gets worse, it becomes a sickening disease, that makes them forget their family and friends.

This is very real in today's society. Everyone becomes too greedy and needy for power; even siblings fight it out in the political arena just to gain power. In the workplace, we try so hard to impress our superiors without looking at the values that we have. It is like a disease that we can control if we want to, but never really cure.

In the movie, a great superhero sacrificed his life so the rest of the people may live. Despite the family that he has to leave behind, he gave it a go and lost his life for others. That's the extent heroes go to because of their innate nature to help others out of compassion and love.

My question is: Have we lost this kind of heroism today? What is the image of a true hero as depicted by the next generation? Somehow I'd like to think that their lack of vision towards how a hero should be is affecting their own characteristics, that is why we seldom see young people fighting for what is right and what they believe in. The perils of living in comfort has blinded them to what society really needs today --a game changer.

Sometimes I wish superheroes were real and that with one phone call or a beep, they would come to rescue us in times when we need them the most. Well, like today. Our world is in deep chaos which we can't fix it ourselves because of everyone's personal interest. I do hope we get nuggets of wisdom from the movie. It isn't too late to watch and learn at the same time.


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