No match?
PERSPECTIVE - Cherry Piquero Ballescas (The Freeman) - April 6, 2019 - 12:00am

Can a small country like the Philippines be a match for a superpower like China?

China is definitely richer and can bind our country financially. In fact, China is already doing that. We stand to lose or we are already losing our national territory and resources, even without any shots fired, because Du30 and his government entered into and allowed onerous loan and debt agreements with China.

Recent reports and photos of raped and scarred mountains confirm China’s destructive presence in our country, thanks to the open welcoming policy of Du30. How many more areas and resources in our country have been relinquished by this administration to China?

Our unemployed have even lost jobs given instead to the Chinese!

What about our national security? Should we not be threatened and be on our guard with the increasing presence of Chinese in our country and the military presence in Pag-asa Island and in the South China Sea?

Also, is our political system still Filipino or is it already under the control of China?

Chinese-lover GMA and DU30 are positive that being friends with China will be beneficial to our country. We still remember the Chinese deals that GMA tried to railroad during her term and which led to her ouster. Now, in tandem with DU30, is the Philippines still an independent country? Or is the Philippines already a province of China with the permission of Du30 and his allies?

To Du30, insisting on our territorial rights and better agreement terms is tantamount to waging a war with China which he asserts we cannot consider because we are just a 7-minute missile away from China!

Indonesia, Vietnam, and our other ASEAN neighbors are small countries compared to China. However, unlike Du30, leaders of Vietnam and Indonesia continue to courageously assert their ownership and sovereignty of their territories. Chinese boats have been fired at and Chinese fishermen arrested for illegal operations by Indonesia but no missile has been fired or war declared, as Du30 fears will happen if our country will assert our ownership! These neighboring countries do not entertain the same loser mind set of Du30 that small countries are no match to superpower China.

Why is Du30 so afraid of and subservient to the Chinese? Why can’t he be as brave as his ASEAN counterparts?

Is the present drug exposé linking his family to Chinese-dominated drug trade China’s ace card controlling Du30? Is the recent angry outburst of Du30 to arrest his critics and declare a revolutionary government related to the recent public protest about China’s presence in this country and the episode-per-episode exposé showing the links of Du30’s family to the drug trade?

This is not the first time, though, that DU30 threatened to declare a revolutionary government. In 2017, Du30 warned that he would “declare a revolutionary government once he sensed a destabilization plot afoot to replace him.”

Declaring a revolutionary government within the present Constitution will be tantamount to Du30 abrogating the government he is heading and it will be like Du30 is ousting himself, according to University of the Philippines Political Science associate professor Aries Arugay.

If Du30 declares a revolutionary government, he will be relinquishing his position as president of this country. Will he allow VP Leni Robredo to succeed him? Will Bongbong allow a revolutionary government to install Robredo as President? Will those in Congress join Du30 in installing a revolutionary government?

What about the Filipino people? Will they allow Du30 to install a revolutionary government? Will our people allow Du30 to continue his regime of fear and threats?

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