Chinese, Koreans taking over local jobs?
WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty Josephus Jimenez (The Freeman) - November 26, 2018 - 12:00am

While every single day, more than five thousand Filipinos are leaving our country to work abroad for lack of job opportunities in our country, why is the government allowing Chinese and Koreans, many of them undocumented, to grab the work that should be done by Filipinos.

These aliens are not scientists or technical experts who could transfer intricate technologies to our people. They are welders and electricians taking advantage of the government's "Build, Build, Build” thrust, and grabbing the manual labor of our workers. They are restaurant workers and Divisoria sales personnel doing menial work that can be done better by Philippine labor.

What is the DOLE doing in the face of this tremendous inundation of foreign nationals into our scarce labor markets? DOLE should stop ''terrorizing'' employers and agencies who are giving jobs to millions of unskilled and semi-skilled new entrants into the labor force. DOLE should stop highly destructive inspections that sow irritations, intrigues and undue disturbance of industrial peace.

 DOLE should focus on protecting our jobs from being grabbed by illegal aliens. DOLE should stop issuing alien employment permits to hundreds of thousands as published in multiple pages in the broadsheets almost every day. DOLE should stop encouraging our talents from leaving the country, by making sure that decent jobs should be reserved to Filipinos alone. DOLE should remain faithful to Article 40 of the Labor Code it is supposed to uphold.

The Senate and the House should call the DOLE and the Bureau of Immigration to a public hearing and investigation in aid of legislation to investigate this blatant betrayal against the Filipino working class.

The Immigration authorities should not sleep on their jobs and should be alert in all our ports of entry. They should monitor Chinese and Koreans who come in as tourists and stay as TNTs ( Tago Ng Tago ), working in online gambling and in call centers, jobs that should be done and could be very well done by our own nationals.

The DOLE regional directors should explain why they keep on approving permits when they know very well that unemployment rates are in double digits, and underemployment among Filipinos is becoming very alarming.

I call upon the president to inquire from his Cabinet why is this phenomenon being allowed to exacerbate in the last twenty-four months. Is there big money behind the influx of too many Koreans and Chinese? While our OFWs are suffering in the Middle East, while the government keeps on repatriating oppressed and exploited Filipino migrant workers, it is a great shame that our public officials  allow jobs in our country to be taken over by equally unskilled, semi-skilled, even illiterate foreign workers. While China is very zealous in upholding their laws against Filipinos, jailing hundreds of our compatriots and executing many of them, we are very lax here and we look the other way, when thousands of illegal aliens are inundating our labor markets with unqualified personnel.

I can smell a rat around here. If officials are not enforcing the law, there must be a lot of reason. I am not prejudging but this is very alarming phenomenon that is being ignored by officials who are sleeping on their jobs. Heads must roll and many must be axed if the facts warrant a radical option. We cannot just stand idly while national interests are being squandered by officials who have the sworn duty to serve our own people.

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