18 worst public enemies in 2018 and all the time
WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - January 4, 2018 - 12:00am

This year of the male earth dog, it is important that we know who our best friends are and who our worst enemies are. Yesterday, we tackled our best friends and expressed our hope that their tribes shall increase. Today, it is time that we address our 18 worst enemies, and try to exterminate them, just as we work hard to eliminate all the pests and viruses that put our lives in imminent danger. Of course, public enemy number one are the dirty, scheming, and treacherous traditional politicians (trapos) who buy votes, cheat in the elections, rob our coffers and have absolutely zero redeeming value. To follow the Duterte principle, these leeches should be killed at first sight.

Second are the terrorists-whether ISIS, Maute, Abu Sayaf, Jamiya Islamiya or your old friendly NPA-who kill the innocents, destroy cities and sow terrorisms. Third are the drug lords who destroy lives, shatter marriages and families and weaken the nation. Fourth are tax evaders who deprive our government the needed revenues for our nation. Fifth are the smugglers who bring in a lot of imported goods and avoid paying taxes by bribing Customs officials and personnel. Sixth are the criminals-the kidnappers, carnappers, murderers for hire, robbers and scammers-who get away with millions through all sorts of schemes.

Enemy number seven are illegal recruiters who exploit, and hoodwink thousands of poor and naive job seekers, by conniving with corrupt government officials. Eighth are the traffickers who specialize in prostitution and drug trafficking using OFWs.Ninth are illegal miners who ravish our forests, pollute our seas, rivers and lakes and destroy our environment. Tenth are economic saboteurs who rob money through the banking system in the way they laundered money from Bangladesh.

Enemy number 11 are the computer hackers who rob our bank accounts, manipulate our credit cards and spread libel against hapless victims by hiding through fake accounts in the social media. Number 12 are labor law violators who cheat on minimum wages; do not pay overtime and 13th-month pay; and not remit SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG premiums. Number 13 are election manipulators who rob us of our votes and twist the poll results for money and for malice. Fourteenth, are businessmen who maintain multiple books to cheat on taxes and cheat their workers.Fifteenth are the EJK killers if any. Sixteenth are the judges, arbiters and commissioners who are lazy, delaying cases for years mainly for money. Seventeenth are government officials who dispense powers for malice.  And 18th are the critics who are blind to all the positive things and have eyes only for the negative. All these enemies may even be ourselves.In 2018, let us all be alert and beware of them.


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