Politicians without a sense of remorse
WHAT MATTERS MOST - Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez (The Freeman) - October 11, 2017 - 4:00pm

The problems with our country is that we have a citizenry who does not seem to be outraged, people who just shrug their shoulders and do not care, a community of uninvolved, while there are many businessmen without social conscience and church leaders who abet corruptions by accepting money from questionable sources. There are public officials who rob us of our public funds and accept bribes, and most of all, politicians are without any sense of remorse. Let us focus on these traditional politicians who pretend to lead us but are only amassing wealth, power, influence, and prestige, without any genuine concern for the people.

Let us start with mayors and governors who spend their times and public resources trying to look good while throwing mud at each other. They had been in public offices, since the time of Adam. Until now, the garbage are stinking, the streets are dirty, the horrendous  traffic is worsening, and the people have no decent jobs and livelihoods. They bicker on power and money while the people suffer. The poor have no access to affordable housing and clean water and sleep in shanties along canals and esteros exposed to dirt, pollution and pests. There is no quality health care and education, and the people are handed over a few pesos as mendicants without dignity. The government looks at the people as beggars who are lining up for cash transfers and dole-outs, thus dehumanizing them in perpetual mendicancy.

Look at your congressmen. What have they done? Nothing, except to filibuster in legislative investigations intended to harass conscientious objectors and innocent bloggers. They still thrive on pork barrel disguised in a variety of hideous names and appellations. The people spend billions for every member of congress, their outlandish offices, travels, and junkets. And yet, look at their legislative records. They have not passed any pro-people legislations. They do not even talk sense in committee hearings and plenary sessions. Some of them spend their decades of political careers doing nothing but influence-peddling, twisting the arms of agencies to accept their girlfriends as 15-30 consultants, interfering in appointments and promotions and ruining the merit system in the civil service.

And look at the quality of our senators. With all due respect, how can we call them honorable? They are babbling boxers, ageing actors, comedians who moonlight as TV hosts or unprepared sons and daughters or foundlings of once glorious men. They have neither right nor aptitude to sit in the seats of the illustrious Claro M. Recto, Lorenzo Tañada, Jose W. Diokno, and Jose P. Laurel. They do not give honor to the positions. When some of them open their mouths, the whole nation is more amused than enlightened. The unkindest cut of all is that, having committed a lot of offenses to the nation, they do not have any remorse. Knowing in their deepest of deep conscience, if any, that they have not done their job well, they still persist to run.

And the people, perhaps just for the laugh of it, amuse these characters by giving them reelection. I will die thinking of it all. Why could this kind of thing happen in a country of so many smart alecks? Shame, shame, shame.


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