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VERBAL VARIETY - Anne Fe Perez - The Freeman

For some reason, the holidays for the Lenten season have been delayed into the third week of April - something which I found to be very peculiar. While summer classes have started, a break will be mandatory this week to give way to the season of Lent.

Speaking of Lent, it has always been my constant reminder to my dear readers to respect this season for the reason it existed. Society teaches us to remember the miracle of Jesus when he was on earth by being keen on different traditions we practice. Instead of going out to the beach or to other adventurous places, I have always lobbied for families to celebrate the coming of the Lord at home.

Well, I cannot blame some families who resort to this season to have fun and be with each other. In this busy and fast paced world, we barely have time to speak to our loved ones. Especially with the onset of technology and the vast entertainment it offers, there is no room left for family bonding.

This I noticed in certain restaurants on a Sunday especially when wireless internet connection is available. Instead of having conversations, the members of the family are on their smartphones tinkering away with whatever which entertains them. Even children who used to socialize by playing with each other are now communicating with their tablets and phones.

Although I welcome the onset of the technology with a warm embrace, it seems to remove the human factor in most interactions. Meetings, presentations and appointments are done mostly online while face to face socialization is taken as a waste of time and resources - a concept which I do not agree on.

For this season of Lent, we can always incorporate bonding time in keeping at peace with the celebration of the Lord's coming. It does not have to be lavish and adventurous which disturbs others who opt to reflect for this season. One only needs to know what objects to set aside for the time.

The Lent is more a holiday or a religious practice which gives us reason to slack off but rather it reminds us of God's love for us. In a world where man became wicked, He sent his only son to be with us who grew up to be one of us, knew our ways, understood what it was to be human but was eventually mocked and hung on the cross. By His grace, this son came back and this we remember every year.

If it weren't for that historic event more than 2,000 years ago, who knows that would have become of us now? The world is full of deceit and greed; we are lucky enough that at this part of the world we are given the chance to give homage to this miracle. It is but proper to respect this season but not withholding what probably is the only time to be with family.

Humans, as sinful as we are, are made in the image of our creator. It is in this manifestation that we ought to love one another for God has loved us and it would be good to start showing love with our own families by incorporating old traditions in the present time to foster quality time.

As an old adage goes, "The family that prays together stays together" and I believe so for it is in prayer where the bonds are strengthened, not the beach or the pool or fancy picnics. Have a blessed week ahead of you.


Congratulations to our World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao who did it again against Timothy Bradley on their last fight, Sunday (Phl Time). With Manny given another win, another mark has been made in the halls of sport history. He made our country proud one more time. Salutations!



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