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During earlier years of the modern Olympics, it included but eventually dropped several sports due to declining popularity. While some of them sound familiar like equestrian vaulting, cricket and polo, others are now virtually unknown. Is it just the ignorant me or these sound strange, basque pelota, croquet, lacrosse, jeu de paume, rackets and roque? But one of them found another place, either at the green backyard or the pristine white beach, the tug of war. Once a sport, now a parlor game.

Understandably, the International Olympic Committee ditches some sports to accommodate others to keep the games attuned with changing times. Else, it isolates from the world. Relevance. Or the color of money. The games source almost all revenues from broadcast and sponsorship deals abundant in global e-sport which rapidly growing economy is now worth billions of dollars.

The organized video game competition debuts in Paris three years from now as a demonstration sport. But it does not guarantee official inclusion in the calendar of events. In 1988, Filipina Arianne Cerdeña bowled to masters gold in Seoul and a million courtesy of a tycoon. But it did not count in the medal tally. Bowling was a demonstration sport that never regularized. Too bad, Paeng Nepomuceno was ready.

Owing to enormous popularity of e-games among the youth, the Olympics may eventually succumb to its begging to reverse declining global interest in recent years. Stadiums that feature centerpiece track and field events almost emptied even before corona.

But is e-sport a true sport? The foremost sport attribute involves physicality. All right, the fine motor movements required with the hand-held controller may be comparable to various table top games. But the big difference is, e-sports players are seated, slouching.

The last time I looked, sports develop discipline and fitness. I leave it to the parents to answer whether e-kids learned how to manage time and prioritize things. I leave it to millions with sedentary lifestyle to vouch whether they get fitter glued to computer screen.

But when the Olympics eventually reinvents, traditionalist old souls like me should begrudgingly adapt and allow others to welcome change. For to them it’s not even change, but the origin of things. Evolution. It is inevitable for e-sports to dominate the modern quadrennial games when it self-antiquates. Not if, but when.

Even democracy changes with disturbing nuances. Freedom of choice is denied of couples uncoupled in failed marriage. Just as it is stalled and watered down in reproductive health. Both due in part to influence of an antiquated church. Legitimate dissent is now legislated terrorism. Law enforcers bust each other and rescue is against the will of the captives. More so with pop culture. Singers scream. Comedians are mean. Appearances disappear. Teeth no longer pearly white but blinding bright, hair colored incompatible with skin tone. Conversely, color of body part and art are too compatible you can’t tell them apart.

Well, it’s a fad. It disappears when another replaces it bad. But just because it is in, everyone should join in. Some pull it off, others are just off. It must be the fear of missing out. Caveat, sometimes what you thought was needed to complete, depletes. Be content, but not with mediocrity. Be better, but not in virtual reality.

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