What happens to our bodies as we age
FEEL THE GAME - Bobby Motus (The Freeman) - December 7, 2018 - 12:00am

Our body is a complex machine and like all machines, either made in Japan or China or wherever, eventually shows symptoms of wear and tear. I belong to the half century age group and yes, I do feel the effects of aging but we just cannot let nature run its course and do nothing about it. Life is great and we’re here to enjoy it, more so now that we’re getting older.

Over time, there will be changes in vision that we have trouble reading newspapers and magazines. Yes, because we get out of focus, we could mistakenly approach another lady instead of our real lady and get a hard whack on head that temporarily restores our sight. Because there is diminished vision, we also get gifted with hearing loss.  Hair cells inside our ears that send sound waves to the brain get less sensitive. It is best to avoid loud places.  I suppose we’ve past the stage where we frequent bars and nightclubs with blaring music.

For a good number of over 50 folks, antacids will be a frequent companion as heartburn will have frequent visits. If that bad feeling that starts from the chest and runs up to the throat recurs more than twice a week, you need to see your doctor as it could be signs of something serious. Avoiding fatty foods will help. This malady also happens to pregnant women but at this age group, rare are the ladies who get preggy.

From 30 to 70-years old, men can lose an inch of their height, women as much as 2 inches because of their monthly periods.  If the good Lord blesses us to reach the ripe age of 80, it shrinks even further.  Why?  Cartilage between joints wears out and pushes the spine together.  Our muscles get weaker and don’t support us up well. The risk of spine and hip fractures increases. The only thing to do when we get to this age is to go slow but sure, as in really tiniguwang.

Speaking about joints, tissues that protect bones in joints begins to wear out, so naturally bones rub against each other. Let’s say hello to knee pain, stiff necks, sore elbows, swollen ankles and wrists, achy fingers and toes.

Because we’re getting senior, there is a lack of exercise. We tend to be inactive and could have some health issues thus the need for medication. Maybe because there will be changes in our taste buds, our diets get different.  These leads to constipation and dependence on laxative will alter our regular bathroom habits. To counter this is to be active and load up on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Yes, experts say at least 6 glasses of water a day do help ease bowel movements.

Afraid of wrinkles?  It’s one of the clear signs of getting old. By age 20, believe it or not, the skin begins to age as our body don’t make as much collagen and elastin, proteins that keep the skin firm.  But modern technology gave rise to cosmetic operations.  Sure, after the procedure women look like Barbie dolls but as the years go by and with follow up surgeries and all the skin stretching, they then look like characters from Avatar.  For most of us seniors who won’t do extreme facial makeovers, avoiding direct exposure from sunlight helps and if it can’t be avoided, sunscreen lotion is advised by aging experts.

An active lifestyle for seniors, not necessarily getting into sports, helps us to age gracefully.  We can counter the effects of aging with the positive thought that old guys still rule.  Yes, I’m nearing senior and loving it.  Excited already to have my senility discount.


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