The race is won
FEEL THE GAME - Bobby Motus (The Freeman) - May 18, 2018 - 12:00am

It was a short distance sprint but in some cases heated and expensive.  The victors rejoiced and gloated, the vanquished refused to concede and instead whined and complained because of some alleged irregularities.   Some actually won but were disqualified because of the habitual and usual “palusot” – going above the age limit and non- residency.

We are not talking about athletic competitions here but the national races we had last Monday all over the country.  This exercise was supposed to be non-partisan but as what had been happening since forever, May 14 was a Buy-randay and Sikop sa Kwarta elections.  And with all the print and broadcast media coverage of the widespread vote-buying, what else exactly is new?

Choices were already made and soon, except for a few really good souls who commit to their given mandates, these supposedly “honorable” human beings will assume office.  Our choices could either be a boon or a bane to our communities.   Good if a place goes towards development but if things get worse, there’s no one else to blame except for a good number of us who opted for a few thousand pesos for one single decisive day in exchange for three years of mediocrity.  

We foresee future leaders from our Sangguniang Kabataan but the exercise exposed them to the tricks of the trade early.  Can we really expect these teenaged leaders to be straight arrows when their elders are glaring examples of crookedness?   And how can they be unaware that they’re overaged?  With collusion and endorsement from those in position, implementing rules and regulations of the youth federation are bent.   And we want their young and already corrupted minds to lead our children?

Children watch their favorite athletes play and they emulate their moves.   Even their behavoirs are copied, good or bad.   When their attentions are called by their elders, they then reason out that this is how their idols play, how they act, how they speak.

All the negativisms considered, let us sincerely hope and pray that what we have today will at least give us some bright spots.   Sometimes, people whom we perceived to be at the wrong position could exactly be the one person who can lead our community to change for the better.   Instead of being passive and uninvolved, let us offer our unsolicited services and who knows, our efforts could trigger unity among residents.

Critical will be our youth leaders.   With their inexperience and brittle minds, the older generation must be visible for their guidance.   Communities always have prominent individuals with varied backgrounds and are approachable.    They are eager to help and would gladly share their knowledge to these young leaders. 

The younger generation are more inclined to sports and the performing arts and we should help them identify potential disciplines and talents and help them improve existing facilities.   We should assist them in their endeavors and do advises and recommendations without getting in their way.  With their appropriated budgets and the right guidance, SK projects will truly be of purpose.  Tell me, what good does a youth-sponsored foam party have?  We’ll just have underaged drunks and promiscuous teens roaming the streets in the wee hours of the morning.  Yup, been there, did that.

People believed in their candidates’ platforms so they won.   It is best for them to be true to their causes, reach out and hear out the community and ask their cooperation and support.  Now is the time to mend broken relations and if you can, sure, mend broken wallets.  We can’t do everything we want and likewise can’t do everything people want us to do but let us try to honor the trust given.   Three years is too short to make something concrete in the community but at least a foundation already had been made for the next elected official to continue.

Winners had been proclaimed yet still there are whiners.  Let’s move on.  Maypa ang Boracay naay closure, kamo sige pag yawyaw.  You have three years to make a battle plan and maybe form a tactical alliance for a grudge rematch.   Don’t forget to save a very important commodity, money.

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