Coach Santa Clause: A simple 12-day guide in surviving this Christmas break and New Year.
EVERY POUND COUNT - Alan G. Choachuy (The Freeman) - December 27, 2014 - 12:00am

(Second of two parts)

Day 8: Saturday, December 27 - "Complete not compete" if you are reading this article, I hope you have followed the guide for the past 7 days. Remember that our goal is to complete not compete. Sign up for a fun run 3km or 5km tomorrow (Sunday).


A. Warm up with five minutes of brisk walking, two minutes jogging, one minute run, 20 second sprint, 40 seconds jog and one minute brisk walking.

B. 200 workout:  25 squats, 25 push up and a one minute jumping jack for four rounds with a 40 seconds rest after each round.

Day 9: Sunday, December 28 "Dead last is better than did not finish which beats didn't start at all"  Running is the easiest form of exercise and joining a fun run gets you motivated, mainly because of the number of participants. 


Eat something light 30-60 minutes before the race starts. A banana or half an apple, quantity would depend on how far you are running. Do some warm up 10 minutes before race starts, do 30 seconds slow jumping jack, 30 seconds slow squat repeat for three rounds and make it faster after each round. Stretch your calves, hamstring and quads for 30 seconds each side. During the actual run, start with a one minute brisk walk, three minutes jog, 30 seconds run and 30 seconds jog repeat until you get to the finish line. You will be busy monitoring your watch and you will be surprised the next time you look up as you are already in the finish line. Stop on every water station. Find your pace and have fun.

(If you were not able to register for a run just do this for 30 minutes)

Day 10: Monday, December 29 "Better sore than sorry" Your body is shock from your first run. You will feel sore all over but this is good as we have successfully awakened all your muscles.

WOD 10

Try yoga, which is available in most gym or you, can check it out on youtube for beginners' yoga. But take necessary precaution. You can also get a massage after.

Day 11 Tuesday, December 30 "Fitness is not being better than someone but better than you used to be" Your body is now stronger than Day 1 so you need to level up and increase your intensity.

WOD 11

A. Do your 4 minute workout 10 jumping jack, 10 squat and 10 push up repeat until 4 minutes try to beat your previous best.

B. Do slow count of 10 squats and 10 push up hold for two seconds until you get to the lowest point. (Try to move in slow motion going down and up)

C. Plank 30 seconds and rest for 10 second, crunches for 30 seconds and rest for 10 second, repeat until 4 minutes.

Day 12 Wednesday December 31 "Greatest wealth is health" Cheapest investment that one can do is to make your body fitter, stronger and healthier. You only have to move "lihok" like washing your clothes, cleaning your car or doing some household chores.

WOD 12

A.  Warm up with five minutes of brisk walking.

B.  Jogging for three minutes, a one minute run minute (Sprint in the last 10 seconds), then recover with a one minute walk. Repeat for five rounds.

C. 50 jumping jack, 50 squats, 50 push up. Repeat for two rounds.

Congratulations to all readers who have followed my workouts please post and share your experience in my facebook page at For question you can email me at

Fitness is not about losing weight.  Fitness is about getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. Improve quality of life! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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