4 âwaisâ mom moments that deserve our biggest thanks
Moms deserve our appreciation for their patience and hard work, and for being our greatest motivators in life. No one can beat them in being the best multi-taskers both at work and at home. 
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4 ‘wais’ mom moments that deserve our recognition and biggest thanks

Jap Tobias (Philstar.com) - May 17, 2021 - 11:55am

CEBU, Philippines — The first special woman in almost everyone’s life is their mother, and there are a lot of reasons as to why they would always remain to be a person we treasure and value no matter how old we get.

Moms deserve our appreciation for their patience and hard work, and for being our greatest motivators in life. No one can beat them in being the best multitaskers both at work and at home. 

Aside from all that, mothers are the true epitome of “wais.” We can’t help but ask if mothers have some sort of magic in their sleeves as they could create wonderful things out of the ordinary and get the best out of nothing.

Relieve some wonderful memories with moms with these moments where they’ve wowed us with their wais ways.

1. She makes magical recipes

Remember when your refrigerator at home had a lot of leftovers from a celebration? Or times when your pantry is running out of ingredients you can use?

This is no problem to our moms. Even with leftovers or incomplete ingredients, moms always have wonders in the kitchen and could come up with experimental recipes to serve us a decent meal on the table.

Whether you love the outcome of her kitchen experiments or not is a matter of personal taste. But the effort alone of instantly coming up with a new dishes with only what’s readily available? Exceptional. 

2. She knows where everything is

There's a belief that moms could always make a missing item at home magically appear despite our hard attempts of looking for it. 

At home, moms know where everything is. Sometimes they color-code things to know to whom they belong to, or sometimes, they come up with a mental directory of where stuff is located. In this way, moms wouldn’t waste time looking for objects because she already knows where she can find them.   

3. She always has lifehacks in her sleeve

How many times have our moms introduced us new ways to do certain things?

Be it in how we organize things, how we clean the house, or how we keep expenses within our budget, our moms always have hacks to make things more convenient.

Who can blame them though? Aside from being helpful, with all the responsibilities they have in their jam-packed schedules, life hacks are extremely essential to our moms in being on top of all the things they need to accomplish.

4. She’s grace under pressure

Were there times that you completely forgot something you needed and just remembered it at the very last minute? When these happen, who do you go to? Of course, to your mom!

What we love about our moms when we’re in situations like these is that they always have handy skills they can use to create something out of barely nothing.

Need materials for artwork? Sure she can find something from your sibling’s old project you can use as recycled materials. Need a rushed costume? Instead of spending much, she would look for her sewing kit and create a costume out of old clothes in your wardrobe!

Setting aside the few minutes of nagging, our moms are truly the best because they never run out of tricks to pull just so they could save us from difficult situations.

Thank you, ‘ma!

Wearing several hats at a time is no easy task. Our mothers, taking on all the responsibilities of being our chef, our mentor, our budgetarian, our housekeeper, while raising us the best way they could, definitely deserve our utmost admiration and appreciation.

This Mothers’ Day, Surf is one with all families as we appreciate and celebrate mom for all their hard work to give us nothing but only the best!

As a partner of many Filipino families, Surf supports our moms by being the wais choice to help them make the most out of less. Just like how Surf gives them good quality without costing much.

We may not notice sometimes, but our moms have managed to raise us to who we are today with their wisdom in life. No matter how difficult a situation is, we find refuge in knowing that we can surpass it because we have our mothers and their wais ways.


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