Achieving more for less: Benefits of being a ‘wais’ mom

With the global health crisis ongoing, moms have taken it upon themselves to work smarter and be more resourceful.

MANILA, Philippines — Moms are natural multitaskers given their many roles and responsibilities. They take care of the family, make home the best it can be at all times, and take the lead when it comes to work or business—all part of her regular hustle.

With the global health crisis they are now facing, moms have taken it upon themselves to work smarter and be more resourceful.

At the end of the day, they reap the benefits of these crucial adaptations, because they know achieving more for less opens doors to more opportunities to make life even more worthwhile.

Whether with the aid of technology, peers or good ol’ fashioned know-how, here are some of the benefits of being a wais mom in and out of the home.

1. Better decision-making

A wais mom on the beat has become somewhat of a guru when it comes to decision-making. When on her own turf, she knows how to balance several pieces of information at once so she can delegate time and resources more effectively depending on the demands of any task.

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2. Cost efficiency

Moms are known budget warriors when it comes to making the most practical and reasonable purchases. Tell her what you need to be done and she can immediately mind-map the logistics down to what best results in cost savings.

3. Productivity boost

Moms are generally masters at organizing, having navigated the ins-and-outs of different fields of expertise they’ve become exposed to in order to carry out duties.

Because of this, they also know how to filter out the useful from the use-less, so that there is less clutter and they get easier access to relevant information they need to accomplish day-to-day to-dos more successfully.

4. Optimized work-life balance

Nobody seeks out better quality of life more than moms do. That is why they’ve put in the time and work to develop tools of the trade as mom-homemaker-businesswoman—all so they could spend less time working and more time with the people that matter: family and friends.

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