Grazing for energy, health and beauty

Archie Modequillo (The Freeman) - October 21, 2019 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines — There are people who seem to be always on the go, without any sign of getting tired or feeling down. What’s more surprising is that they don’t even seem to have time to sit down for a full meal. They just grab a handful of nuts now, a yogurt and fruit then, a salad or biscuits later.

They nibble on light, nutritious foods in small quantities at several intervals throughout the day. This, perhaps, is the secret of their steady energy and bright disposition. This eating style is called grazing, an eating style that is very handy and may even be healthier than taking full meals.

The term “grazing” is borrowed from the eating style of cows. Cows graze continually throughout the day without the benefit of a full meal. And cows, unless artificially raised in commercial farms, grow lean, strong bodies. They develop less fat and just the proper amount of muscle mass. Their energy is consistently at the proper level, and their immune system is one of the strongest in the entire animal kingdom.

Grazing allows for food to be handled better by the body than the big bulks taken during meals. Several small chunks of food eaten throughout the day help keep blood sugar at proper levels. This also decreases the tendency to overeat among those who can’t resist the wink of a hot meal.

Overeating at lunch, as everyone knows, induces sleepiness. This has been found to be the major cause of midday or early afternoon slump in performance at work. It is because an overstuffed stomach can allow only minimal oxygen intake, and insufficient body oxygen makes one feel sleepy. This is not to mention the extra work the digestive system has to do, in order to return the body to normal functioning.

Overeating also tends to result in poor physical posture. A stomach that is habitually overstuffed slackens eventually, and thus is the reason for most big bellies. Moreover, the excess nutrients that do not get burned through normal body metabolism are stored as fats, which can make the belly grow even bigger and create bulges in all the wrong places.

Grazing allows for the spreading out of digested calories from food intakes, so the body won’t wear out easily in the course of the day. But firstly, it is important to select foods for their nutritional quality; grazing does not make bad food right.

There are many benefits to be gained by grazing. Eating just enough for the body’s actual nutritional needs at a time gives the person more time to enjoy his or her food. Why? Because one is likely to eat less and, therefore, can take time to savor his or her cup of soup or that piece of fruit.

In taking a light meal, one has more room for interacting with others. In the end, he feels light but energized. He is comfortable and in good shape, because he didn’t overstuff himself. And it’s common knowledge what a good shape can do to one’s self-confidence. He goes back to work with more vigor; he is likely to perform better.

Overall, it’s the long-term benefits that make the habit of grazing worth the try. It can give the body a steady amount of energy necessary to meet the challenges of one’s day – a radiant health and general wellbeing that results from proper physical functioning and the beauty that naturally shines through in a healthy body. There’s a lot to be gained and little or nothing to lose in practicing grazing. Well, one thing to lose for sure – the bad habit of overstuffing oneself.

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