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Our body is the temple of God – Do not defile it

LIFE'S ESSENCE - Katherine R. Oyson - The Freeman

I had the chance to talk to Dr. Grace Sendrijas-Avila, FPCR, FUSP, FDBISP, radiologist of Chong Hua Hospital  when I had my annual breast ultrasound and mammogram last week. She revealed that cancer in any form is prevalent nowadays.  It knows no gender and age. It can strike anyone. Hence, we have to change our lifestyle if ever we want to have a longer and healthier life.

Dr. Avila gave me a pamphlet written by the Royal Valley Free Seventh-Day Adventist Church on how we can be healthy and enjoy longer life. I want to share with you certain things from the pamphlet for your health and wellbeing:

• Open Air. Fresh air is the food of your lungs. When you engage in smoking, your lungs and all organs related to your respiratory system suffer. Of course, other body systems will be affected too.

You are polluting the air, and not only are you personally affected but your loved ones too. They become second-hand smokers (the receiver of smoke). According to the study, they suffer more for they are the one receiving what you have thrown into the air. Sadly, most vulnerable to this are your children and the elderly ones… In order to have good respiratory system, deep breathing is essential and necessary. Carbon dioxide will be exhaled and oxygen will be inhaled.

• Daily Exercise. To eliminate the toxins from your body, daily active exercise is needed. Through your sweat, components of tobacco, cigarettes, and even food and drinks that trigger your craving for smoking will be eventually eliminated. About 15 to 30 minutes of exercise do wonders to your body.

• Proper Rest. Early bedtime can help the body rest and do its cleaning chores. Help your body cleanse itself. Your body can heal itself if only you will help it do its work.

• Lots of Water. Water is a natural detoxifier. It will purge your system better than just about anything. The water helps you to heal. It is the best cleansing agent. Drink 3 liters of water every day. Start your morning with warm water. Avoid cold water.

• Be Always Temperate. Learn to say “No.”  Cultivate the habit of self-control. Abstain from everything that cause your body to become sick.

• Herbs/Food that helps remove toxins in your body:

A. Ginger: As you try to quit smoking, you will likely start to feel nauseous. This is one of the common symptoms. To combat that nausea, you can take ginger either fresh, capsule or tea.  It will calm your stomach and help you overcome nausea.

 B. Turmeric. Not only does this wonder root dislodge toxins, but it eliminates it. It helps to prevent an overload of toxins being released at once and improves their elimination.

C. Vitamins. Multivitamins, especially those containing of Vitamin A, C, and E are excellent in repairing your body and giving its essential nutrients.

Most of all, this natural remedies will not do its wonders without the workings of the Great Physician Jesus Christ.

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