Whole Body Whitening
(The Freeman) - January 2, 2018 - 12:00am

Most Asians have darker skin tone compared to Westerns and Caucasians. In the Philippines alone 90 percent of women – and even men – want to lighten up their skin color for various reasons. And there are a myriad of procedures that can be done to achieve a lighter skin  From glutathione drips to peeling and bleaching and  a whole lot more.

Skin peeling is the most common procedure done. But it should be done only after a proper consultation with a dermatologist or skin care expert, since the solutions used to peel off the upper layer of the skin varies and may be dangerous if applied as a home treatment without professional supervision. 

It is surprising how peeling solutions are sold in drugstores and department stores, and used by the consumers at home on their own. Perhaps they think that applying the solution and peeling off the skin is a very easy procedure. It may look and sound easy, but the danger is if it is used by those with sensitive skin.

Peeling off the upper layer of the skin has several precautions afterwards. You need to use a very mild cleanser for the face and body because it will sting from harsh and may cause redness after. Sunblock is also a must after peeling. A sunblock for your skin type on the face is important to avoid unnecessary breakouts. Sunblock for the body is used daily. Other do’s and don’ts of peeling are often discussed if done in the clinic. Lots of patients go to the clinic with damages from in hone peeling or sometimes peeling from other places where they were not given proper instructions.

 During consultations the skin care expert should be able to assess what type of solution will be best for your skin type  It is the  mixed and the patient is prepared for the procedure. All natural body oils are removed before application of the peeling solution to make the peeling effective. Sometimes different solutions are needed to be applied on different body parts and even the face and neck where it is most sensitive. Those with darker scars on the legs can have a more concentrated solution applied to that area only.

Peeling is not a one-time procedure especially if used to lighten skin tone. It should be repeated several times, and the interval depends on the solution used. A minimum of six weeks is necessary for the skin to recover the procedure is repeated. Pulling off the skin manually is very dangerous. It may lead to redness or even wounds if forcibly done; the area will usually darken after.

Using loofah or any scrubs for bathing after a peel is also not recommended. The skin is very sensitive after a peel.  Even mere exposure to warmer temperature by other individuals is uncomfortable for some, especially during the process where the skin is actually peeling off and the sweat breaks. It is best to consider peeling during cooler months or if you can be in an air-conditioned room most of the time. Itchiness during peeling is addressed by giving topical anti-itch creams, or oral tablets if it is severe.

Working for Values

“Why do you work?” A question that for many the answer is – it’s about money, security, or status. Asia’s new breed of workers, Gen 2, aspire for something bigger – Working for Values.

G2000 embraces this new generation with their new ‘Work’ philosophy, which is more about striving for a higher purpose than aiming for material success. To pay homage to Gen 2’s ‘Work for Values’ vision, G2000 has teamed up with five inspiring influencers including Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley Gerber, making his debut in Asia, to share the motivations for their work.

G2000’s new ‘Work for Values’ campaign features model Presley Gerber, as well as cross-media artist Kearen Pang, social entrepreneur Carol Chyau, Food Bank founder Nicholas Ng, and green architect Jaye Irving. Throughout the campaign, they share how they work “For a better Me, For a better We,” a belief also firmly shared by G2000.

New generation model Presley Gerber, with ‘be grateful’ tattooed on his arm, says, “I am truly grateful about what we have. Living gracefully is a way to respect your life.”

“Our family is passionate about food, and we have been working in the food industry for generations” says Nicholas Ng, co-founder of Singapore’s first Food Bank. “We believe that nothing should be wasted. Food Bank’s role is to redistribute unwanted or surplus food to those in need.”

Cross-media artist Kearen Pang has long been passionate about arts. Despite challenges and difficulties, she has faith that what she is doing will create a greater appreciation of arts in the community. “You have to go beyond your comfort zone, just keep going consistently towards what you love and what you believe to see how your story unfolds,” says Kearen.

Yak Down social enterprise founder Carol Chyau was inspired to set up her business when she travelled in the rural areas of China. She discovered that by creating a business to support yak herders, she could help them to live a dignified, sustainable life. “It’s more than just bringing income, it’s about bringing hope,” says Carol.

Australia-based green architect Jaye Irving has won many awards and accolades for his sustainable projects. “When we work, we should not be destroying nature and depriving the next generation. My philosophy is about being part of the solution, not part of the problem,” says Jaye. “Find what you love to do and align it with making the world a better place. This will create a whole new industry of redesigning the way we live in harmony with the planet,” he says.

The label G2000, first introduced in 1985, started as a specialty clothing chain distributing fashionable men’s and women’s career wear. Today, the G2000 Group is a multi-brand specialty retailer offering an assortment of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, operating under different labels: G2000 MAN, G2000 WOMAN, G2000 BLACK and At Twenty.

Strong product concepts and a passion for relentless innovation have made G2000 an institution of the apparel retail industry in Asia. Today, the Group operates over 700 outlets in the region covering Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.

In the Philippines, G2000 has stores in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Place Manila Department Store, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, and Robinsons Galleria Cebu. Updates are posted at www.facebook.com/G2000Philippines and @G2000PH on Instagram.

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