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Hard to obey

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Among the most difficult things to do is to be obedient. At least it’s that for me. Maybe it is because this has been our default since Adam and Eve left Eden, having chosen the tree of knowledge instead of the tree of life.

Sometimes so much knowledge leads us to so many questions that it hampers our obedience. And we reason with reason until we become unreasonable. You get my drift? In our pursuit of what should and must be, we do not and don’t! Hmmmm, getting more philosophical am I?

Take for instance the adherence to law. Oh yes, we know that we are not to kill, steal, swindle, or oppress. But we continue to do that every day. In different forms.

When we do not follow traffic rules, or park our cars regularly by the road, extending our garage to public domain, we are stealing. Stealing space, stealing rights, stealing time. 

A law has been made that requires people to park in areas that does not obstruct traffic.  But we still see many cars and motorcycles parked in narrow roads that cause drivers to maneuver precariously. I find myself holding my breath every time I meet another vehicle trying to avoid a carelessly parked motorcycle along the road in the narrow street the leads to our home.  Sadly, the law to apprehend this malady is highly subjective and is dependent on the local government in the area. On the lighter side, this is a good exercise of patience and endurance.  But really, sometimes I find the strength of banking on other people’s patience too much of an asking.

Oftentimes we know what is right. Common sense and conscience, possibly by-products of the tree of knowledge, tells you that what you are doing is not right. And still we love to eat the forbidden fruit!

Obedience can get us what we want. That is a promise of God in Deuteronomy 5:33 where obedience begets the fulfillment of the promise of freedom from everything bad. Disease, pestilence, famine, strife, and other evils brought about by our disrespect. It even promises a long life and the harvest of good. Yet it is soooo hard to be obedient. Because we exchange obedience to God’s will and what is right in the land with our spur of the moment pleasures and conveniences.

Obedience is best exercised when no one is looking. Following what is right should be innate and not just a matter of head knowledge. Giving the right change. Returning what one finds even if it is a laptop left in a taxi and your child needs it badly in the midst of a pandemic.  A friend reasoned that he could not return a cellphone he found because he did not know the owner. It was a new Iphone pro. Then it rang. So the phone had to go back to its owner.  Laptops can also be turned over to radio stations. Owners can identify their own. But the intent to be kind has to be part of one’s character. Obedience to the command of God.

In James 1:22, we are admonished to be doers and not just hearers. To follow what is good and right because it is what is expected of humanity. It is hard I know. I am in the same struggle with you and I cannot profess to be holier than thou. But we must try…and commit, one act at a time.


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