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Strategies entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals

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I basically achieved in my life what I wanted to achieve. But there is one thing that I did not achieve: I did not become an entrepreneur, fully risking my own money. I believe that in the many decades I was employed in managerial positions I behaved like an entrepreneur but the businesses I was running where not owned by me.

But – to this day – I am closely watching what is happening on the entrepreneur side and am envious when I see successful entrepreneurs becoming ‘unicorns’, making money fast, finding investors and becoming internationally recognized. Of course, some fail and we have to understand what went wrong so that we don’t make the same mistake.

I’m about to show you the top seven strategies high-level entrepreneurs use to achieve their goals. The funny (and sad!) thing is, these are simple strategies that any entrepreneur can use - they just don’t take the time to use them!  

Let’s get started:  

1. You don’t need to quit your day job (yet) - A lot of new entrepreneurs think that if they want to be successful, they have to change their whole life overnight and quit their job, fully committing to the “entrepreneur life.” 

But that’s simply not true. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and wise entrepreneurs make sure they’re actually making money before they cut off their income stream from their day job. 

But before work, after work, and weekends, they have to spend their free time working on their business. One entrepreneur told me It took him about six months to finally start making real money, making more money from my business than from my day job! The people who quit their day job with no plan and no money aren’t “brave” or “committed” - they’re just foolish! 

You don’t need to quit your day job (yet). First, take time to actually build your business and maintain your ability to pay the bills in the meantime. Then you can make the transition to full-time self-employment.  

2. You don’t need to know everything - Most amateur entrepreneurs feel they have a lack of sufficient knowledge to succeed -.as a result they never get started and waste months (or years!) fiddling around on email and social media. 

But they eventually understand that they have to spend far more time learning dozens of new skills that eventually lead them to building a six-figure business. 

Eventually, they begin seeing that high-level entrepreneurs choose entertainment over education.  Entertainment is fun, easy, and it distracts you from the difficulties you face every day. But if you choose to read books, attend conferences, and learn humbly from mentors, you’ll set yourself up for true, lasting success in all the important areas of your life - relationships, finance, health, passion, and spirituality.  

You don’t need to know everything - just focus on education instead of entertainment, and you’ll be able to move forward very quickly.  

3. The obstacle is the way - Entrepreneurs who were successful chose to see their obstacles as fuel, not as a problem. 

All too often, entrepreneurs complain and gripe in the face of obstacles. “Why me!” they curse as they throw their hands in the air.  

Instead, learn to be grateful for these opportunities to improve and be a more patient, clever, and resourceful individual. Realize that the obstacle is the way. Difficulties and problems are merely opportunities for us to grow.

The obstacle is the direction you need to go. By going through difficult, problematic circumstances, you force yourself to switch from being problem-oriented to solutions-oriented. You’ll need this mindset dearly if you want to have any hope of being a really successful entrepreneur.

Use these as fuel to become better. Most entrepreneurs never even try to tackle these problems, and remain in mediocrity.  

4. You don’t need “more time” - just say no more - If you want to be an entrepreneur, you don’t need more “time,” You just need to spend the time you have better. That means cutting out and saying no to anything that wouldn’t help you reach your goal. 

A lot of failed entrepreneurs were smart, talented people with great ideas and huge potential. They didn’t fail because they were stupid or bad at what they did - they just got too busy and didn’t have any more time for the important stuff. 

You don’t need more time - you just need to say no more. 

5. Know what to focus on - A lot of entrepreneurs I’ve talked to tell me they don’t know how to actually achieve their goals. Basically, they don’t know the main things to focus on. 

Even high-level entrepreneurs can lose focus. Take some time to identify your most important activities, then spend 90% of your time doing those things. It’s so simple, yet it’s still a lesson many entrepreneurs have yet to learn! 

6. Everyone starts out being afraid - But the most common thing I hear from entrepreneurs - new and old, amateur and high-level, completely failed and wildly successful: They all started out afraid. 

Joseph Campbell, creator of the term “the hero’s journey,” once put it this way: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” 

Being afraid to start out and take the next step doesn’t disqualify you from being a successful entrepreneur - it makes you one! 

I hope you liked this and it encourages you to make that important step forward. The pandemic has created plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities. But this time is not over. Every day, new ideas are born as we move into digitalization, data management and data analysis, study AI and Machine Learning, and understand what changes information technologies are creating. I am still afraid but understand that I have to take the next step to become a successful entrepreneur. What about you?

I would love feedback; contact me at hjschumacher59@gmail.com

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